Turning the Heat Up Against Amazon with Drew Madden

Amazon Versus CVS

If you haven’t kept up with the news lately, Amazon isn’t just focused on selling electronics and clothes anymore; it now wants to sell medical equipment as well, and it’s well on its way to receiving the necessary licensing that permits it. This has transformed the medical industry as a whole into a battlefield of sorts since Amazon has been known to cast large businesses aside like ragdolls and either decommission them entirely or absorb them Borg-style into their own operations.

It’s actually not that terrifying, but it certainly feels that way to the CEOs and entrepreneurs who are feeling Amazon’s heat as a result of their advance into the medical field with their retail services.

What’s now happening is CVS is attempting to fire back by incorporating some form of health care into their stores. They have their eyes set on health insurance giant Aetna, which already owns a respectable chunk of the population’s health insurance plans and would no doubt provide an epic leg-up to the good ol’ general goods box store that we know and love. While the outcome is uncertain, one thing is known: CVS has no plans of ending up like Whole Foods or Toys “R” Us.

What It Means

The implications of web-based retailing and service provision is nothing new but certainly hasn’t been slowed as the years crawl by; if anything, it’s getting insanely powerful and is largely responsible for the shutdown of Toys “R” Us among other businesses. As a result, CVS — primarily a brick-and-mortar business — wants to cash in on this with a dual setup that gives them the best of both worlds while providing every basic health care need to its clientele. This has very interesting implications for everyone going forward.

How Drew Madden Can Help

If CVS plans to make this pan out, they’re going to need to upgrade how its web presence is handled as well as its access to patient records, medical needs and on-the-spot doctor’s approvals. This is where health care IT executive Drew Madden enters the picture and provides top-notch advise, servicing and strategies to help smaller medical companies like CVS survive the struggle against Amazon.

Madison Street Capital has Stellar Reputation Thanks to the Management

Financial services play some of the major roles in allowing individuals as well as companies to save their resources through smooth cash flows as well as the consumption of overtime resources. Madison Street Capital has managed to cement its name among leading providers of excellent financial services. With the clear focus of serving a plethora of investment needs across middle markets, the company has earned a relatively stellar reputation. Coupled with unmatched integrity, this company continues to thrive in excellence.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that offers a variety of banking services across Chicago and other continents. The company has over the years managed to garner thousands of clients thanks to its reputation and dedication to understand the ins and outs of financial services industries. Moreover, the company has acquired extensive track record in different service delivery scopes including handling complicated contracts, working on viable exit strategies for other companies, matching specific buyers with their sellers and initiating proven to work strategies for the acquisition of various projects in foreign countries. So far, Madison Street Capital has managed to achieve unparalleled results.


Madison Street Capital believes in global expansion. That is why the firm has offices in different geographical locations including Ghana, India, Chicago and Oregon among others. Besides the offices spread across different continents, the company has made it its responsibility to bring their wealth of financial knowledge into practice by encouraging deep relations as well as analytical skills when pursuing critical business matters. In transaction handling especially, Madison has worked hard to foster ethical practice. As such, the firm better qualifies to handle financial reporting, the allocation of prices in different businesses, the management of assets and better yet, financial and business valuation. Well, it is fundamental to note that these are some of the services that most investors require especially from a firm like Madison Street Capital.


Just the other day, Madison Street Capital was a major business advisor and initiator of partnership between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. DCG is a leading service provider for software analytics while Spitfire Group is well known for employing high-tech devices to serve the management of different businesses. The partnership was based on the basis of the firms being able to complement each other in terms of the variety of services provided. As such, Madison Street Capital and in return, gave a positive feedback regarding the viability of the business.


An additional success story for Madison Street Capital includes bagging several awards due to its success in fostering excellent merger and acquisitions. The annual global awards for mergers and acquisitions are called M&A Advisor Awards and they are conferred to individuals who have registered excellent performance in restructuring and financing businesses.


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Dr. Mark Mofid Has Made A Huge Impact On The Field Of Plastic Surgery Through Safer Procedures

California is the hot spot for plastic surgery, which is one of the reasons Dr. Mark Mofid has made this his base of operations. Mark works in the San Diego area at various different hospitals performing plastic and general surgery. Mark holds some of the highest honors in the industry and is board certified to practice surgery.

The majority of Dr. Mark Mofid’s work is centered in California, but he also takes time to consult with individuals and organizations from around the world to help further their and his own research. Dr. Mark Mofid also has his own practice where he performs pretty much all types of plastic surgery for his clients, including buttock augmentations, facelifts, liposuctions, and breast augmentations. Many people are wary of getting plastic surgery, most especially when it is their first time. This is not only due to some bad press that the plastic surgery field has sustained several times over the years, but surgery is generally a scary thing for people regardless of the reason. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the most renowned and capable plastic surgeons in the country today and has helped thousands of people find new comfortability in their skin over the years.

There has been a growing interest over the years in plastic surgery, mostly for cosmetic reasons, and the general opinions on the practice continue to fluctuate greatly. However, with the costs continuing to go down over time and the safer procedures that are looking more natural every year, more people are starting to consider plastic surgery as an option for improving their confidence. Mark also sets some of the highest standards in the industry because he also sets limits to his surgeries and abides by the highest ethics of his practice. Mark is constantly searching for new ways to improve procedures as well as informing other surgeons to follow the same good practices to improve plastic surgery’s image in the states.

Anti-drone pilot program and 3 Stevie awards all circle around Securus Technologies

If you haven’t heard of Securus Technologies, that’s OK. They are still out there providing reliable communication and technology solutions for law enforcement and corrections facilities and now they have announced that they are teaming up with the Louisiana Department of Corrections to institute an anti-drone program to stop criminals from using drones to get materials into the prisons. Plus, Securus is doing other things to impress the rest of the industry thanks to their leading methods of providing outstanding customer service. Matching this kind of groundbreaking technology with outstanding customer service certainly shows a company on the rise and looking for new ways to innovate when it comes to technology and with the people behind the technology who make the engine run.


If that isn’t enough to impress you, how about the fact that Securus Technologies just won 3 Stevie Awards for their customer service record. The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service is the top-notch award for customer service and the team at Secure came away from the latest awards ceremony with a gold, silver and bronze for their efforts. It’s even more impressive when you consider that there were more than 2,500 nominations for this award from companies of all sizes and across industries.


Using a scoring system that takes into account a variety of customer service metrics across 89 different categories, Securus managed to get the scores that earned them the awards. They won a gold for dealing with customer complaints, a silver for one of their reps who was Customer Service Professional of the Year and a bronze for their front-line customer service team.


It seems Securus is trying to match outstanding technology solutions with equally outstanding customer service standards. The Drone Detection program is something to see and uses a digital antenna to detect drones in and around the prison. If you didn’t know that prisons had to deal with and worry about drones, then you wouldn’t believe what prison official say they have found evidence of. Drugs? Yes. Cellphones? You bet. How about weapons lifted right over the walls and dropped into the prison yards? Yes, that, too.


A Gifted Surgeon – Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad was one of eight children born in Palestine and they were raised in Kuwait. He got his degree in medicine from Cairo University 47 years ago in Egypt and he was the second student in his class. He later went to England to do his internship then later went to the United States. He has now married and has four children, an ICU nurse, a lawyer and two surgeons.


In his career as a surgeon, he has done thousands of surgeries on infants and children, and also medical missions to the city of Jerusalem to do free and complex surgeries. He has also made developed new pediatric surgical procedures and patented two inventions. Before he retired, Dr. Saad Saad was the Co-medical director and the surgeon in chief at K Hovnanian Children Hospital.


Saad Saad knew he wanted to become a doctor and a surgeon for that matter when he was still in high school. At first, he wanted to follow the footsteps of his elder brothers but then he wanted to work in an environment that is cool and has air conditioning considering the hot summers in Kuwait that would sometimes exceed 110 degrees F.

Dr. Saad Saad learned many lessons from Dr. H Biemann Othersen who was his trainer in the USA to be a Pediatric Surgeon. He learned to treat the same all children regardless of their financial background, their religion, and color or physical capabilities and mostly to be honest, hardworking and kind to them all. Dr. Saad is most excited by the developments in the medical field of genetics that help to understand, prevent and to treat chronic diseases and cancer.


Research is important to Dr. Saad Saad and he says one gets results from doing research. He also believes that his efficiency comes from being organized as it helps him to prioritize the tasks he has and accomplish them on time. Dr. Saad Saad believes anyone can attain their goals in life because it is possible. He advises one to read any book written by President Abraham Lincoln who advocated for equality and freed all slaves as it helped him as a surgeon to understand that we are all similar in the insider regardless of the color religion or the race we are from. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8


Prior to performing any surgery, Dr. Saad Saad would review the medical record of the patient and confirm the type surgical procedure he was to do on the patient. He would then review the steps to take for the surgical procedure he was planning to carry out especially the recent operative pediatric surgeries and the complex surgical procedures. He also ensured he used techniques to help him focus on the surgery; he did not like loud music in the operation room, no talking and he also ensured he had good night sleep and breakfast before he went in the operation room. In his career, his patient rating was average by 26 patients and 8 of those patients rated his services as 4.0 stars.

Lime Crime Transforms How We See Color!

Lime Crime Cosmetics, a revolutionary leader in the health and beauty industry, was launched by Russian native Doe Deere in 2008. Lime Crime is quite unique and different as it delivers an intensely bold cosmetic line that unequivocally allows one to express themselves according to their mood. The company progressed from humble beginnings back in 2004, where it derived from an eBay digital shop. Ms. Deere, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, originally explored selling her independent DIY clothing concepts, where she modeled the fashion line via her eBay store under the ‘limecrime’ handle. Here, she maximized on an opportunity to enhance her new fashion line with infallible makeup color. Wanting her designs to stand out, she could never find the exact hues she desired-so she began mixing and creating her own bright, confident beauty palettes, that’s when mod makeup became her staple. Her cosmetics line propelled after starting a blog delivering step by step instructions on various ways to apply and use her beauty products. This resulted in 3 million Instagram followers.


The innovative entrepreneur grew up and studied fashion design in New York City. She abruptly set aside her fashion education and plunged into the fashion industry to start her E-bay digital store. Ms. Deere confirms she learned a lot about business management and marketing initiatives while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. This enabled her to strategically launch key advertising campaigns for her exclusive cosmetics brand. She prides herself on propelling the brand to new heights by transforming critiques into actionable deliverables; developing forward-thinking products that work for wide ranges of potential clientele. Lime Crime’s identity focuses on offering what no one else in the industry delivers; a vegan-friendly line that boasts of vibrant, luxurious, diametric color. Doe Deere uses the whimsical world of mythical fantasy as a muse for her quality collection. Her compilation consists of eye-shadow pallets, loose glitter powders, kaleidoscope inspired liquid eyeliners, nail polish, glossy glitter lip wear and pigment rich lipsticks. Doe Deere has always stayed true to using fun imaginative colors and to producing cruelty-free products.


The company now operates in Los Angeles, California. Doe Deere supports her favorite charities which align with her brand’s values; she helps women and children initiatives as well as animal-rescue drives. Moreover, she is at the forefront of developing innovative products that allow her customers to uncover their best version of themselves. Visionary Doe Deere continuously challenges herself by recreating bigger, better dreams of bringing creativity, self-expression, and happiness to her clients.


To learn more, visit www.doedeere.com.

Tony Petrello: The CEO Who Puts Philanthropy Over Profits

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Ltd., and on top of being one of the highest paid CEO’s in the nation, he is a philanthropist that gives his all to humanity. When Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in 2017, he didn’t sit on his butt doing nothing. Instead, he directed Nabors Industries to give its employees paid time off to go help out the people who got hit the hardest.

On top of this, the company opened up its own on-site kitchen and prepared meals three times every day to give to families in the area who were effected by the hurricane. CEO Tony Petrello also helped to set up the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund where he committed himself to matching donations made by the employees of the company that would go to hurricane relief. After the employees of Nabors donated $173,622 out of their own pockets, he matched it with his own money, too.

Read more:How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

Tony Petrello also recently welcomed Tommy Tune, the Broadway legend, back to Houston by hosting a cocktail reception in his own home. Many don’t know that while Tommy Tune lives in New York, he was born in Texas and attended high school in Houston. In Tommy’s honor, Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, invited 50 guests to a party at the mansion of the Petrello’s. This was done to support the arts and culture and is just one of the many great things that Tony Petrello does in this capacity in his hometown of Houston. Together with his wife, he has also started up the Petrello Family Foundation, which works to help with the performing arts,m health, and education in the city of Houston. The deep mark they have left on the city of Houston motivated the Smithsonian to give them the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service.

Tony Petrello will sometimes focus his philanthropy on very specific causes and missions that are close to his heart. One of these is the Texas Children’s Hospital, which is working to find real treatments for children who suffer with neurological disorders. It was the fact that his daughter, Carena, suffers from periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) that drew his attention to a set of diseases that really have no cure as of yet. When he discovered that there was no hospital or medical office working on these issues other than one, he donated large sums of money in order to help the Texas Children’s Hospital with its mission.

Thanks to Tony, many people will not have to suffer that otherwise would have. He truly has made the world a better place.

Find more about Anthony Petrello: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/mathematics-law-business-charity-unique-american-dream-tony-petrello/

Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Facilities Stop the Use of Contraband Phones through the WCS Technology

The prisons in the United States are tired of the menace created due to the contraband phones lately. Even when the law enforcement agencies have been trying their best to eliminate the use of contraband phones in prison, the problem doesn’t seem to be going away at all. There are many prisons where the smuggling of contraband phones have been reported, and it has been the reason behind the many crimes that have been committed, inside and outside of the prison. Most of all, the use of contraband phones can put the lives of people in danger, and it is something that cannot be taken lightly.


One of the companies that have been taking the use of contraband phones seriously, and has been working on developing a technology to eliminate the contraband phones’ use inside the prison is Securus Technologies. The company was established in 1986 and since then has contributed immensely to the corrections space by not only providing inmate communication services, but also by offering its vast array of other services, including governmental information management system, parolee tracking system, and more.


The company has been trying to develop technology that would stop the use of contraband phones in the prison for a long time and recently rolled out the Wireless Containment Solutions finally. It is this technology that the company installed in the eight facilities it serves, where it managed to stop nearly 1.7 million illegal communications successfully. As per the record, the contraband interdiction technology by Securus Technologies is the only such technology that is approved and accepted for use in the correctional facilities.


The country was in shock recently when a video made by an inmate from inside the prison facility went viral. One of the inmates made a video from a contraband phone brandishing a knife and posted it on a social media network. It revealed the vulnerabilities in the prison facility’s security, and also showcased the level to which the contraband phones’ problem has risen in the past few years. The FCC recently announced that it would expedite the process of allowing the Wireless Contraband Solutions to be installed in the prison facilities and ease the load of paperwork and licensing it needs to ensure the installation is done at the earliest without delay.


Robert Johnson, who is a former corrections officer, was shot six times in chest and stomach by a criminal at his house because he confiscated a contraband package worth over $50,000. The order for his murder was given through a contraband phone. He is currently with the Securus Technologies as a consultant and wants to make the WCS technology full-proof so that the use of contraband phones can be eliminated entirely from the prisons.



Fagali’i Airport Jet Flights And Aviation

The Fagali’i Airport is found in the country of Samoa. It allows the South Pacific people to connect with one another via transportation. The Fagali’i airport is located in the city of Apia with a population of roughly 37,000 people.

The variety of flight options offered to the Fagali’i airport are immense according to books.google.com. They include flights leaving New York City at 10:00 A.M., and arriving at the halfway point of Honolulu at 4:35 A.M. The layover can be long or short, depending on the specific flight. From there, the flight from Honolulu to the destination takes six hours.

There are no direct flights from New York City to Apia. However, there are flights flying to Fagali’i everyday.

The price of tickets from the John F. Kennedy airport to the Fagali’i airport range from $1,500 to 2,000 USD. Price, availability and duration all depend on the specific day and season in which one travels according to dohop.com.

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Fagali’i airport is owned and ran by Polynesian Airlines. In the beginning stages, the Fagali’i airstrip was a grass-only airstrip. Years later, the airstrip became sealed and solid. This advancement subsequently allowed the airport to be reopened in July of 2002. In January of 2005, the airport was closed because of the concerns the officials and locals had. Safety and noise were the main problems that led to that decision.

In July of 2009, Polynesian Airlines restored business at Fagali’i airport. This involved flights internationally to American Samoa. American Samoa is United States territory.

Prior to Polynesian Airlines’s operations becoming downsized, the airline had managed jet flights conecting Samoa with many cities across the Pacific. The areas they served were Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Nadi, Rarotonga, Papeete, Tongatapu, Niue and Pago Pago.

FGI is the abbreviation for the Fagali’i airport. FGI is close in proximity to the National University of Samoa. Locals appreciate FGI and know the important role it serves in connecting people from different islands.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagali%27i_Airport

Hold A Wedding At A Manhattan Penthouse

Planning for a wedding can be a long and difficult task. It requires a couple to plan for a large event, and wedding planning only gets more complicated when the event is going to take place in New York City. This is because it is more difficult to find an affordable event space that still allows for the kind of wedding the bride and groom desire.

The first thing a couple should do is to come up with a list of things the wedding venue needs. This involves first determining how many people will be at the wedding. The venue needs to simply have enough space to accompany them. However, having too large of a space usually means that money is being wasted, or that they have settled for a venue that isn’t as nice as it can be. A couple also needs to determine a budget, how guests will travel through New York City to get there, and if the venue is accessible for catering and music.

The best solution is to rent a Manhattan Penthouse. A penthouse has the advantage of being large enough to accommodate large parties, and the area of Manhattan gives an upscale feeling. Penthouses generally have huge windows that offer amazing views of the surrounding buildings.

Penthouses are generally designed for both living, events, and large parties. This means they will have large open spaces that are great for both the ceremony, dances following the ceremony, and a mixer. Penthouses are easy to rent by the day, and most event rental companies are able to provide catering and bar service.