Why Serge Belamant can be referred to as the father of blockchain technology

As the popularity of blockchain technologies continues to skyrocket, it is essential to take a walk down memory lane to where it all began. Today’s popular blockchain can be attributed to Serge Belamant who holds the patent for the first form of blockchain technology through NET1.

About UEPS’s NET1 Technology and what makes it stand out

Through his company, Serge Belamant came up with the first form of blockchain on a smart card, which also doubles up as a debit card. For instance, it is compatible with Europay MasterCard Visa.

What makes the NET1 smart card stand out from the other debit cards is the fact that it can work offline, without necessarily connecting to a centralized computer. All the transactions done offline are recorded and updated into the distributed ledger later on, when the card is connected to a centralized ATM. That means that even when a user is in a remote area, they can still carry out transactions as it does not require a centralized point of sale device. All that it needs in such areas is an offline point of sale device that operates on battery.

Who is Serge Belamant?

Serge Belamant is the father of blockchain technology. He created the first form ever in 1989 and even holds a patent for it. Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in France but moved to South Africa with his family at 14 years.

Even during his early years, Serge still exhibited signs of excelling in the future. For instance, while at Highlands North High School he excelled in academics as well as sports and represented his school various times. This saw him get assigned different leadership roles such as head prefect and house captain. After graduating high school, he secured a place at Witwatersrand University where he pursued engineering for the first year. He later shifted his focus to computer science and applied mathematics.

He, however, dropped from school during his third year and applied for an information systems course at UNISA. Mr. Belamant did not complete his degree as it would mean repeating the same things he learned at UNISA. Today he is the founder of Zilch technology limited and holds patents to multiple innovations in the area of tech.

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Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Teaches The Fundamentals Of Daily Stock Trading

When it comes to the investment industry, there is no right time to get involved. There are certainly times that are better than others, but this is largely coincidence and luck because of the random nature of the industry. Paul Mampilly is out to help the average individual find their way in the investment market and hopefully become successful. In most cases, people follow bad advice or information that is outdated, which will likely lead to losses rather than gains. Because of this, the majority of individuals who take up investing end up quitting before they find a good strategy to follow. Paul Mampilly is a expert financial guru that has made a fortune investing on Wall Street for more than 15 years and now he wants to bring that knowledge to as many people are possible.

Paul Mampilly managed to get an executive position coming out of college with his MBA at Kinetics Asset Management. He was in charge of managing more than five billion dollars for the company, which he eventually turned into more than 25 billion dollars. Throughout his career, Paul always stayed active with his investing and he even started his own consulting firm known as Capuchin Consulting. The primary purpose for his company was to provide advanced financial information for investors to use and increase their annual revenue.

These days, there are thousands of people looking to make it in the financial industry, but most of them do not have the proper direction to actually make something of themselves. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly is working as an editor and publishing regular articles and newsletters, which offer up his own personal insights and financial strategies. One of his most popular newsletters to date is Profits Unlimited, which is all of Paul’s compiled research into daily stock trading, which he also regularly updates each week.

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The Successful Life Of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is an American radio persona, television horde and producer. Ryan is known for hosting the antagonism show, American Idol. It is an innovative reality competition known for initiating careers of various superstars like Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson. Seacrest is an artistic tycoon working as a host and producer in widely respected radio both locally and nationally. He has also secured jobs in broadcast and cable television.

Ryan is much involved in various arrays of media and entertainment organisations. His generous labours based on youth-aligned capabilities have shown significant impact universally. Ryan heads a non-profitable organisation namely Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation builds broadcast media centres in paediatric hospitals which main aim is to help in the healing process for the kids and their families during their stay. The foundation also works with journalism schools to organise internship programs for the patients/students.

Ryan is hosts of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. It is a morning drive radio program which airs on Los Angeles Top 40 station 102.7 KIIS-FM on weekdays. The radio program’s original release was 2004 (KIIS-FM) and 2008 (syndication). Ryan hosts the show in the morning while the syndicated show’s affiliates air it in midday’s or afternoons. Its genres include music, talk and comedy. Its running time is 5 hours commercials involved on KIIS-FM and 3-4 hours syndicated. It airs on more than 130 radio stations in the U.S and Canada.

As per the New York Times, Ryan is a co-host at the show Live with Kelly and Ryan. The show starts with Ryan and Kelly sharing what is happening in their lives and pop culture. It mainly focuses the hosts discussing various topics with their guests and enjoying performances by musical guests. Viewers also get a chance to participate in trivia questions with prizes like vacations.

Radio show host Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is the originator of a leading menswear lifestyle brand known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction founded in 2014. It delivers design, quality fabrics, detailing and value to men’s tailored clothing and accessories. It is available exclusively at Macy’s stores nationwide and on macys.com. Ryan is also a co-founder of a men’s grooming brand, Polished by Dr Lancer and dermatologist Dr Harold to provide men with quality skin care.

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Stream Energy Is Helping Those In Need

A company that is dedicated to providing energy, proactive, and wireless services to those in need is Stream Energy also known as Stream. This company is accumulating more then $8 billion in the market that deals with energy. The inception of Stream was in 2005 and is now one of the top selling companies in this nation when it comes to connecting life services. Today, the service of Stream Energy is available to 10 states in the United States, and they include: Delaware, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, Ohio, and New York. Stream has grown over the years to connect services like wireless plans to go global, digital voice service, and Virtual MD. This company is not only good to its customers, but it is also good to the people that they employ. The men and women of Stream Energy will definitely benefit a lot. They’ll have great careers and lives for their families. Stream

On patch.com, Leslie Kennedy wrote an article about Stream Energy’s philanthropy foundation, Stream Cares helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. After this terrible storm struck Dallas, that is when Stream’s division, Stream Cares swooped in to help them. They funded the recovery and eased their customers’ financial burden. And Stream itself partnered up with Hope Supply Co. and paid for the cost of entrance and meals for the 1,000 kids of North Texas that are homeless due to the storm. This was an event called Splash for Hope that brought in supplies and money to help these kids.

Stream Energy has been working with many charity groups for years, and has hosted many events to help families that were affected by storms. In 2016, Stream teamed up with the Salvation Army and raised a lot of funds for the people that lost their properties and homes when tornadoes hit North Texas. And with the operation called Once in a Lifetime, Stream helped the Dallas-Area Veterans and their families both morally and financially, and hosted a dinner for them. Stream Energy continues to help those in need.  Stream Cares


Guilherme Paulus: The Tourism Industry Guru

Guilherme Paulus is a prominent business person known for his tourism company in Brazil. Having worked in the tourism industry for more than three decades, Paulus has honed his skill in the industry.

Guilherme Paulus uses his creativity to go against the flow of the tourism industry. He has created a wide range of travel packages that are unique and rare in other tourism companies. This has made his company to be ranked among the best international tourism companies both in Brazil and in the whole world.

Guilherme Paulus dedicated his time to build a prestigious tourism firm that it is today. Paulus has not shied away from seeking help, and in return, his business has continued to grow. In 2009, he found support from an investment firm, which helped him join the stock exchange market. He put the company as public and began to trade its shares immediately. People bought so many of the shares such that the business’s profits short up rapidly.

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Guilherme’s success has not stopped there, but his success has prompted him to work even harder. He has put efforts and has opened many more branches in other countries among them being Europe and the Caribbean. CVC does target not only the high-end clients but also targets those medium income earners, who wish to travel. To prove this, new branches have been opened in the less populated areas of Brazil, hence equalizing all people.

CVC is determined to bring its services to the homes of its client, reducing the hassle of them going to its agents. It has introduced an online platform where people can consult and book their travels online at their comfort and at their own time.

Guilherme Paulus’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and in return, he has won many awards. His awards are not only confined in the jurisdiction of Brazil but the whole world. In 2012, the government of France awarded him a special honor for his great works in the tourism industry. CVC has also been recognized by many renowned prefectures among them being the prestigious region of Cancun in Mexico.

Guilherme Paulus has also given back to the community in helping the needy. His company has sponsored an organization, which trains the youth who aspire to venture into the tourism industry. It is also the sole sponsor of Alfasol, which also deals with tourism.

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All About Dherbs: What You Should Know

Dherbs cleanse are safe and effective body detoxifiers designed to help men and women of all ages feel and look better. Once those harmful toxins are gone, it is easier to enjoy life and take advantage of the fun that it offers. Used daily for a specified time period, the cleanses remove toxins so you look and feel your best. Read this article at medicaldailytimes.com to know more about Dherbs

Dherbs Cleanses Make a Difference

Quality products improve safety and effectiveness so it is important that you choose a name that you can trust to deliver both of these qualities. Dherbs never fails to offer the herbal supplements that exceed expectations. Several cleanses are available, including the female cleanse, the full cleanse, the weight loss cleanses, and the colon cleanse. Choose the cleanses that provide the detoxification you most need and sit back and wait for the results.

Dherbs Cleanses: A Look at the Costs

Costs of a Dherbs cleanse varies from one product to another. Compare the cleanses with other brands and you’ll notice the prices are highly competitive. However, Dherbs is a name that stands above the rest. They’ve been a part of the wellness and health industry for more than 14-years now, with many satisfied customers there to provide assurance in your purchase.

Should You Buy Dherbs?

A cleanse is a great way to get your body back to the best, regardless of your age or health conditions. If you want to be healthy and feel great, don’t wait to buy a Dherbs cleanse and get the benefits that so many others have already enjoyed. Living a healthy life isn’t hard when you use the best products available for your money. Dherbs is a name that will exceed your expectations when it is a great cleanse that you’re after.

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Neurocore and Neurofeedback

The neurons are important components of the brain which aid in the transmission of information from the brain to the rest of the body. They are provoked by chemical signals which activate the neurons to control electric signals in the brain. Neurons are responsible for our emotions, body functions and also the process of understanding complex information. Neurocore is a company that has fully embraced technology to replace traditional methods of treating brain disorders. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore deals with brain disorders such as anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and depression. The company has fully relied on knowledge got from different neurofeedback’s to create a treatment program for its patients. Neurofeedback which is also known as Neurotherapy is a treatment that relies on electronic measurements of the brain waves to teach the brain how to control emotions and body activities. In an article written by Joe Kamiya, it stated that in an experiment he conducted using EEG alpha rhythm, where the test subjects he used the technology on showed much more improvement than the control subjects. This was the first neurofeedback. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurotherapy was also used in astronomy where it was discovered that if astronauts were to undergo Neurotherapy they would decrease their chances of getting seizure attacks due to jet fuel. Neurotherapy was then carried out to Epilepsy patients and also patients suffering from depression where Fredrick Lamere reported an improvement from the patients EEG waves. Neurocore has embraced neurofeedback to treat patients with depression and other brain disorders. EEG brainwave technology is a clinically proven rating scale known as Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) DSM Oriented depressive problems scale which has greatly helped in the treatment of depression cases.

The treatment program adopted by Neurocore was a success and many depression patients reported improvement. Neurocore is expanding on the knowledge acquired from neurofeedback to treat children, teenagers and adults as well who are suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which has already reported tremendous improvement with the children suffering from the disorder. Neurocore has been a success in making technology an efficient way of treatment compared to the traditional methods of antidepressants and psychiatrists.

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EOS Lip Balms Earns Glowing YouTube Review

Recently, the Christmas Crafts YouTube Channel uploaded a very positive review of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm products. The reviewer notes that, first of all, these lip balms are 100% natural and 95% organic, so the environmentally conscious can use them with a clear conscience. Also, she points out that EOS products are full of healthy antioxidants and are designed to be easy on the sensitive tissues human lips are composed of.

The reviewer then moves on to cover the different flavors of EOS lip balms, starting with her own personal favorite, strawberry sorbet. She then demonstrates how these lip balms open in a smooth mechanical manner and how their oval shape makes them perfect for applying on lips unlike traditional tube-shaped lip balms. She explains that, unlike traditional lip balms, you don’t have to use your finger to coax out the product; therefore it doesn’t end up making a mess all over your hands.

Furthermore, she notes that it takes a long time to use up an individual EOS lip balm, so they are a very good value for your money. Additionally, they don’t melt when you leave them in your purse for an extended period of time. Finally, she laments that there are more flavors currently available in the United States than England where she lives.

Whitney Wolfe is Making Changes in Modern Relationships and Women’s Rights

Whitney Wolfe is a go-getter. This young lady is a highly intelligent and an accomplished individual. She headed her own company at the age of 25. She is now using her organization to further the cause of women rights and social issues. She is the undisputed leader of Bumble and her passion is helping the company to excel to further heights.

Whitney began Bumble in 2014 after parting ways with another dating site called Tinder. Certain events transpired at Tinder that caused Whitney to let the place go. She moved on and created her version of a dating app. Bumble is now a huge success. There are over 30 million users on this platform and the site continues to expand.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe wanted to do with her site was to make it different from the competition. She did not want the experience on Bumble to be the same as everywhere else. The first big change that she implemented was putting women first. This simply means that women have to make the first move and not men.

On the surface, it might not seem like men would like this new feature for dating. However, there are 50% of men signed up on the site. Apparently, the guys like sitting around and waiting to see if a woman will approach them to get to know them better. Another thing about Bumble is its support of the feminist agenda. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War

Whitney Wolfe stated on more than one occasion that her company supports women’s causes in modern times. She is fed up with the traditional structure of discrimination and bias that women experience with many men. She wants change and her site is on the front line of many issues involving feminism and change. Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy

Whitney also fights against certain issues that she deems negative. Such as supporting guns and not giving women a fair chance in the work world or with certain professions. Whitney Wolfe has charities that support various fields involving women, she sends support to important causes, she partners with professional sports teams over female related issues and she even supports women when they make public statements about the past wrongdoings from men. Whitney Wolfe is on a mission to change how men and women interact and how the world views women. Bumble Founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine Entertainment Board

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Paul Mampilly Wants to Help The Common Man Succeed in Investment Industry

After being a portfolio manager on wall Street, Paul Mampilly has moved on to a new branch of work. Over the last few years, he has been working on his growing publishing career, which offers only the best advice about investments to ordinary people who want to take the leap into investing. Publishing his investment newsletters through Banyan Hill allows him a broader reach to a much larger audience. He follows the egalitarian business model, which allows the wealth to be spread by giving smart investment advice and strategies to those in the other 99 percent.

During his time on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly managed several high profile portfolios as well as holdings for the Royal Bank of Scotland and other investors. He was also one of the first to show faith in start-ups at the time like Netflix, Facebook, Whole Foods, and Universal Display.In 2016, Paul Mampilly decided he was ready to retire from Portfolio Management and took up the position of Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing so he could spend more time with his family. But he was also driven to the change because he didn’t want to work on Wall Street anymore simply because he knew that his creative work wasn’t reaching anyone outside the 1 percent.

When he began publishing his investment newsletter, he began to feel that his work would actually reach someone who needed it, and could potentially change their lives.Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University in 1991, then went to Wall Street at Bankers Trust as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. He excelled in investment and continued to further his working career by working for numerous legal firms. He was managing the $6 billion hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management and was honored with a win in a highly-regarded competition the Templeton Foundation held. Considering this honor came within the throes of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, it just proves his investment abilities.