The Wonderfully Impressive Work History of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has created for himself an impressive work history and continues to grow a commendable career. His career was on the rise when he became the Amway’s Corporation’s chief operations officer in 1974.


The position pushed his skills to its limits when Dick handled various responsibilities in multiple divisions in the company. He handled various roles in the manufacturing, finance and research development for Amway.


His responsibilities also included the leadership of numerous expanded markets in the business’ operations. Under his management, Amway was able to triple its foreign sales to dramatic heights.


Orlando Magic Acquisition


When the DeVos family transferred the ownership of Orlando Magic to the children, Dick DeVos received part ownership of its assets. Devos was quoted to be outstanding in his devotion to making sure that Orlando Magic achieved its highest potentials.


Dick made sure that he can make the toughest decisions for the team without losing the good and compassionate values that the team has inculcated over the years. Dick is known to be able to honorably run the operations of Orlando Magic with his tough but justifiably fair management style.


Alticor Operations


DeVos was also able to provide the great contribution to the growth of Alticor, too, when he rejoined Amway in 2000. Alticor is just the restructured Amway that was able to expand across countries with the help of Dick Devos’ leadership.


The firm was able to grow for more than 50 nations because of Dick Devos’ help, and his exceptional style of leadership was also able to increase its profit even with the dramatic downsizing that the company needed to do for its growth.


When Devos retired from the presidency at Alticor in 2002, he reportedly made sales of around $4.5 billion mainly through the assistance of remarkable sales people who are best at improving growth even if the company just paid them as part-time employees.


Political Work


Dick Devos also showed considerable passion for public service, which is why he became the Republican nominee for governor in Michigan last 2006 election. His passion in politics was more devoted to making sure that the economy is initiated with enough catalyst to create productive jobs for everyone. He was also an advocate for tax cuts and regulations that give way to making sure that primary and secondary education get their needed support.


With Dick Devos’ political passions, it’s easy to see how he was able to maintain a respectable reputation in both his corporate and personal affairs.


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