A Review Of The Trabuco And Some Historical Areas Used

A Trabuco is a catapult-like siege weapon that was used during the middle ages. Its operation involved projectile motion. Using the scientific concept of load, fulcrum, and weight, the Trabuco operated under all the scientific principles of a lever. The counterweight when released would throw the projectile attached on the opposite end of the bar at high speed.

The Trabuco was also used to demolish stone walls. In some instants, the Trabuco was used during wars around the Mediterranean countries and would through projectiles of 140 kilos to the enemies at a distance of around 800 meters away at high speed.

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The bigger version of the Trabuco was operated by 40 to 45 men because it involved using large projectiles keeping in mind that the counterweight is supposed to be 100 to 133 times the projectile weight. However, smaller portable ones also existed which could be operated by two people one to control the counterweight and the other to feed the projectiles. The advantage of the smaller Trabuco over, the larger one is that the former could throw more missiles in a short time.

In history, the Trabuco demolished enemy territories depending on their number and projectile weight used. In China, Mongols used Trabucos to destroy the cities of Fangcheng and Xiangyang in 1268 according to merriam-webster.com. Another Trabuco attack was in 1147 during the attack on Lisbon. Two Trabucos were used and launched a stone in every fifteen seconds. Trabuco was also used on corpses as projectiles to infect the opponents in war. In 1249, twenty-four Trabucos were used by Louis IX of France to attack Damietta. To attack Acre in 1191, Richard the lionheart used two Trabucos which he had named Bad neighbor and God’s own catapult. A huge Trabuco called the Warwolf was made to launch the attack on Stirling Castle in 1304 according to lista.mercadolivre.com.br. Edward Longshanks had ordered his engineers to make one. Between 175 and 1480, they were used to attack Burgos and Rhodes. The attack of Aztec in 1521 is believed to be the last use of Trabuco when the military ran out of gunpowder. The invention of the cannon culminated the use of Trabuco.

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