Quick History Of The Trabuco

It is a weapon that has a long history of being a destructive force and before it was replaced by gunpowder and cannons was feared by those that were on the receiving end of its destruction, we are talking about of course the Trabuco. To truly understand the origins of this weapon, you have to travel back to China in 400 B.C when a smaller weapon known as the slingshot gave inspiration to the Trabuco. Some people would say that it’s origins may date back even more than that as some people say that the inspiration for this weapon came from a simple sling.

One thing that could be said about the Trabuco was that it was not a weapon that was made for rapid fire. On average to get this weapon ready for use, it would take about 12 days. This would mean that if you missed your mark, you were going to have to wait almost two weeks to get another shot. By this time your enemy could have already conquered you if your other weapons were not nearly as strong according to spanishdict.com. For those that were lucky to hit their intended target, there was a lot of damage that could be caused by a hit from one of these.

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Use of this weapon spread to Europe where there it underwent a bit of a rebirth and two forms of this came into existence. The first of these was the counterweight for as well as the traction form. With the use of these in Europe the battles took on a new aspect and there were a lot fewer battles that were lost. This eventually would be the last time that the Trabuco would be used as innovations in weapons would give rise to new forms of combat and would leave the weapon obsolete. Cannons and the invention of gunpowder were too much for the Trabuco to be able to adjust and account for.

Size, the amount of time for preparation, mobility were just a few of the things that took it’s toll on this weapon and led to more and more armies ceasing the use of this. Eventually, there was a world that had no need for this weapon and the last of these were destroyed and the wood reused for other purposes according to infoescola.com. Today the only one of these that survive are in museums as display pieces to teach others about this weapon and how it helped to change the world.

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Turning the Heat Up Against Amazon with Drew Madden

Amazon Versus CVS

If you haven’t kept up with the news lately, Amazon isn’t just focused on selling electronics and clothes anymore; it now wants to sell medical equipment as well, and it’s well on its way to receiving the necessary licensing that permits it. This has transformed the medical industry as a whole into a battlefield of sorts since Amazon has been known to cast large businesses aside like ragdolls and either decommission them entirely or absorb them Borg-style into their own operations.

It’s actually not that terrifying, but it certainly feels that way to the CEOs and entrepreneurs who are feeling Amazon’s heat as a result of their advance into the medical field with their retail services.

What’s now happening is CVS is attempting to fire back by incorporating some form of health care into their stores. They have their eyes set on health insurance giant Aetna, which already owns a respectable chunk of the population’s health insurance plans and would no doubt provide an epic leg-up to the good ol’ general goods box store that we know and love. While the outcome is uncertain, one thing is known: CVS has no plans of ending up like Whole Foods or Toys “R” Us.

What It Means

The implications of web-based retailing and service provision is nothing new but certainly hasn’t been slowed as the years crawl by; if anything, it’s getting insanely powerful and is largely responsible for the shutdown of Toys “R” Us among other businesses. As a result, CVS — primarily a brick-and-mortar business — wants to cash in on this with a dual setup that gives them the best of both worlds while providing every basic health care need to its clientele. This has very interesting implications for everyone going forward.

How Drew Madden Can Help

If CVS plans to make this pan out, they’re going to need to upgrade how its web presence is handled as well as its access to patient records, medical needs and on-the-spot doctor’s approvals. This is where health care IT executive Drew Madden enters the picture and provides top-notch advise, servicing and strategies to help smaller medical companies like CVS survive the struggle against Amazon.