Rocketship Education: A Perfect Illustration of Quality Schooling

Affordability debate has been a recurrent theme in most educational debates. In most cases, affordability translates to less quality education. This has been the reality to most low-income earners in the USA. One entity is changing the narrative of affordability as well the quality debate. Rocketship remains the most iconic example that quality and better education does not need to be pricey. Many pundits have termed the school system as the solution for low-income earners willing to get a good education. It is interesting to note that some countries are adopting the schooling model in order to solve the education dilemma.

Although the school is working extra hard to challenge the school affordability narrative, one news outlet published a report on the school model. The story, which many educationists have termed as poorly researched, received a lot of criticism from the online community. Many of the people that expressed opinion of the piece pointed at many untruths about the story, ranging from the definition of Rocketship to the operational scope. The article missed so many truths about the school model, parents’ involvement to use of technology as a means to minimize operational costs. According to educationists, the piece goes down as the worst researched educational story.

The schools have a three-point approach to the running of the school. First, parents play an important role in the development of the students. It is vital for every parent in this school setting to be involved in day-to-day operation of the school. Second, Rocketship Education is one of the few education models that put emphasis on the talent development of the students. Through this model, thousands of students have been nurtured in their respective talents. Finally, Rocketship Education has the best approach to ensuring there is better learning. The school model is one of the few examples that have a personalized model of learning.

What makes the school affordable? The reason why the school has minimal operational cost compared to the typical schools is the use of technology. Since the school is tech-based, operational (and much of the learning) is virtual with the help of computers.

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