Fagali’i Airport Jet Flights And Aviation

The Fagali’i Airport is found in the country of Samoa. It allows the South Pacific people to connect with one another via transportation. The Fagali’i airport is located in the city of Apia with a population of roughly 37,000 people.

The variety of flight options offered to the Fagali’i airport are immense according to books.google.com. They include flights leaving New York City at 10:00 A.M., and arriving at the halfway point of Honolulu at 4:35 A.M. The layover can be long or short, depending on the specific flight. From there, the flight from Honolulu to the destination takes six hours.

There are no direct flights from New York City to Apia. However, there are flights flying to Fagali’i everyday.

The price of tickets from the John F. Kennedy airport to the Fagali’i airport range from $1,500 to 2,000 USD. Price, availability and duration all depend on the specific day and season in which one travels according to dohop.com.

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Fagali’i airport is owned and ran by Polynesian Airlines. In the beginning stages, the Fagali’i airstrip was a grass-only airstrip. Years later, the airstrip became sealed and solid. This advancement subsequently allowed the airport to be reopened in July of 2002. In January of 2005, the airport was closed because of the concerns the officials and locals had. Safety and noise were the main problems that led to that decision.

In July of 2009, Polynesian Airlines restored business at Fagali’i airport. This involved flights internationally to American Samoa. American Samoa is United States territory.

Prior to Polynesian Airlines’s operations becoming downsized, the airline had managed jet flights conecting Samoa with many cities across the Pacific. The areas they served were Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Nadi, Rarotonga, Papeete, Tongatapu, Niue and Pago Pago.

FGI is the abbreviation for the Fagali’i airport. FGI is close in proximity to the National University of Samoa. Locals appreciate FGI and know the important role it serves in connecting people from different islands.

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