Why Serge Belamant can be referred to as the father of blockchain technology

As the popularity of blockchain technologies continues to skyrocket, it is essential to take a walk down memory lane to where it all began. Today’s popular blockchain can be attributed to Serge Belamant who holds the patent for the first form of blockchain technology through NET1.

About UEPS’s NET1 Technology and what makes it stand out

Through his company, Serge Belamant came up with the first form of blockchain on a smart card, which also doubles up as a debit card. For instance, it is compatible with Europay MasterCard Visa.

What makes the NET1 smart card stand out from the other debit cards is the fact that it can work offline, without necessarily connecting to a centralized computer. All the transactions done offline are recorded and updated into the distributed ledger later on, when the card is connected to a centralized ATM. That means that even when a user is in a remote area, they can still carry out transactions as it does not require a centralized point of sale device. All that it needs in such areas is an offline point of sale device that operates on battery.

Who is Serge Belamant?

Serge Belamant is the father of blockchain technology. He created the first form ever in 1989 and even holds a patent for it. Serge Belamant was born in 1953 in France but moved to South Africa with his family at 14 years.

Even during his early years, Serge still exhibited signs of excelling in the future. For instance, while at Highlands North High School he excelled in academics as well as sports and represented his school various times. This saw him get assigned different leadership roles such as head prefect and house captain. After graduating high school, he secured a place at Witwatersrand University where he pursued engineering for the first year. He later shifted his focus to computer science and applied mathematics.

He, however, dropped from school during his third year and applied for an information systems course at UNISA. Mr. Belamant did not complete his degree as it would mean repeating the same things he learned at UNISA. Today he is the founder of Zilch technology limited and holds patents to multiple innovations in the area of tech.

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Oren Frank Cares About Talkspace – The Company Might Just Open Up For An IPO

Neil Leibowitz is the chief medical officer at Talkspace, a six-year-old company dedicated to connecting people in need of talk therapy and traditional mental health counseling services – cognitive behavioral therapy, for example – to licensed counselors and therapists through tech devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. Mr. Leibowitz, hired by Talkspace’s CEO and co-founder Oren Frank, most recently was employed by the United States-based health insurance provider giant UnitedHealth, also known as UnitedHealth Group, as a senior medical director.

Financial analysts and market experts believe that Talkspace is gearing up towards an initial public offering (IPO) and that bringing an experienced, well-tenured administrator in the healthcare industry would unarguably bring reputability to Talkspace’s corporate ladder. Mr. Neil Leibowitz has been given the title of chief medical officer by Oren Frank; Mr. Leibowitz and Mr. Frank have been working closely together since the former was brought on board by the latter in April 2018. After one fiscal quarter’s worth of the brilliant minds mulling together, Talkspace has made more progress towards its ability to open up with an IPO and scale larger so that the communication platform can be brought to more currently-struggling people – both individuals within the United States who have diagnosed mental health disorders and their counterparts who are similarly stressed, though typically not in a chronic capacity – around the nation.

Oren Frank is a solid chief executive to follow – just look at his Twitter page!

Some people purposefully put on facades or shells of themselves to display to the world to make others think more highly of them. Take a look at Oren Frank’s personal Twitter account at @orenfrank – it isn’t hard to tell that Mr. Frank is a man who’s concerned with mental health issues across the nation whose serious demeanor towards such problems is offset by poking light-hearted jokes at issues like politics.

Mr. Oren Frank recently retweeted fellow Twitter user Ben Yelin’s (@byelin) tweet of “Sir, this is a Wendy’s drive-thru” in response to Donald Trump’s recent all-caps tirade to Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran.