Guilherme Paulus: The Tourism Industry Guru

Guilherme Paulus is a prominent business person known for his tourism company in Brazil. Having worked in the tourism industry for more than three decades, Paulus has honed his skill in the industry.

Guilherme Paulus uses his creativity to go against the flow of the tourism industry. He has created a wide range of travel packages that are unique and rare in other tourism companies. This has made his company to be ranked among the best international tourism companies both in Brazil and in the whole world.

Guilherme Paulus dedicated his time to build a prestigious tourism firm that it is today. Paulus has not shied away from seeking help, and in return, his business has continued to grow. In 2009, he found support from an investment firm, which helped him join the stock exchange market. He put the company as public and began to trade its shares immediately. People bought so many of the shares such that the business’s profits short up rapidly.

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Guilherme’s success has not stopped there, but his success has prompted him to work even harder. He has put efforts and has opened many more branches in other countries among them being Europe and the Caribbean. CVC does target not only the high-end clients but also targets those medium income earners, who wish to travel. To prove this, new branches have been opened in the less populated areas of Brazil, hence equalizing all people.

CVC is determined to bring its services to the homes of its client, reducing the hassle of them going to its agents. It has introduced an online platform where people can consult and book their travels online at their comfort and at their own time.

Guilherme Paulus’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and in return, he has won many awards. His awards are not only confined in the jurisdiction of Brazil but the whole world. In 2012, the government of France awarded him a special honor for his great works in the tourism industry. CVC has also been recognized by many renowned prefectures among them being the prestigious region of Cancun in Mexico.

Guilherme Paulus has also given back to the community in helping the needy. His company has sponsored an organization, which trains the youth who aspire to venture into the tourism industry. It is also the sole sponsor of Alfasol, which also deals with tourism.

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