The Importance of Treating Pelvic Floor Disorder and Marc Beer’s Solutions

Millions of women around the world suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic floor disorder, a health issue that is caused when their pelvic floor muscles aren’t strong enough, and there is an impairment between the muscles and the ligaments.



Because of that impairment, many women have weak muscles in that area causing pain, a lot of pressure, incapability of having sex without a lot of discomfort, and organ protrusion.



Pelvic floor dysfunction is a complicated matter that haunts many women, including in the United States.



Because of the nature of the disorder, many victims of this issue do not publicly seek professional help because of embarrassment. However, Marc Beer, CEO of Renovia, recommends doing the opposite.



According to Marc Beer, there are many types of treatments and therapies that can be done at home to improve the condition. Because the tissue surrounding the pelvic area has become more sensitive and victims continuously feel pain in that area, there is even a system developed by Renovia and Marc Beer for treatment at the comfort and privacy of home.



Having co-founded Renovia, Marc Beer is currently the CEO, Chairman of the board of directors and one of the most influential businessmen in the firm. He has more than twenty years of experience in the field, is an expert in biotechnology, the tech industry in general, pharmaceutics, and has conducted an intensive study on pelvic floor disorder.



Leva is a small device with smart functionalities that has been developed for women to take care of their pelvic dysfunction at home. It comes with instructions, a quick start guide, a LED and Bluetooth system and a downloadable application that you can use to use the device.



The purpose of the device is for you to improve and strengthen your muscles, your resistance, and for you to train to control the behavior of your pelvic muscles. It isn’t always easy, but it has been observed to impressively improve the condition of women who use the device daily. It can be used for the rehabilitation of your weakened muscles and offers treatment for stress and anxiety related to the condition.



Marc Beer has already raised millions of dollars to the development of products for women with pelvic floor disorder, and 2018 was no exception. The CEO teamed up with their investors Longwood Fund with the mutual mission of developing new, updated and improved products for them. With extensive research being conducted for these products to be the best available yet, Renovia is widening their range of accessories, devices, and products for women suffering from this dysfunction.



Having created Renovia with the intention of helping these millions of women with pelvic floor disorder, Marc Beer is very enthusiastic with the milestones that the company has already surpassed. Learn more :