Rick Smith Resurges Prison Communication Using Securus Technologies

Corporations and companies that have survived the turbulent economic forces and stood steadfast have a name behind it. Among the many that have helped Securus Technologies have a position among service providers of prison technology is Richard Smith. He is commonly known as Rick Smith in the corporate world and is a backbone of Securus Technologies.

Under, Rick Smith’s watch, the company has grown in stature and become dominant to attain a sizeable market share. Apparently, Securus Technologies has been approved to operate in Canada and across the United States. Over 2600 correctional facilities are already in use of this prison technology products; 400 centers are in Canada while 2200 are in the United States.

Securus Tehnologies have outstanding functional line of products that make prison management and intimate communication safe. It has an excellent Cell Defender Technology which that restricts connect of mobile phones that are not registered. It was made in collaboration between Haris Corporation and Securus Technologies. Closer to this product is Wireless Containment Solution that is cable-less and an ultra-modern invention. Ultimately, is the Managed Access Solution which stores call records, maintain confidentiality yet at the same time aid correctional centers’ investigation and assure safety.

Rick Smith has continued in the premiering vision of Securus Technologies since it was established in 1989. Other than the enterprise development and growth facet, Rick Smith has allowed for innovation and invention aiding smart tech products. It communication system has made communication possible between inmates and their friends and family.

As recently reported, Rick Smith often receives emails and letters of positive feedback. Customers express their satisfaction in use of these products. It has facilitated investigation which has lead to arrest of culprits and their accomplices. Management has also share in the benefit, Securus Technologies has helped them better manage the prison and correctional facilities’ environment including assuring of security externally and internally.

About Rick Smith

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and is the chief administrator overseeing all activities of the company. Mr. Smith took over in 2014 from his predecessor, Richard Falcone. Rick Smith has worked for the company for years providing services of top notch qualities and with uniformity. He is positive about correction, and take positive criticism to the advantage of the company and hence aid improvement where rare flaws occur.

Rick Smith studies engineering at University of New York, Buffalo and later advanced at Rochester University where he attained a Masters Degree. Previously, he has worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc in the capacity of a Chief Operating Officer. He has since then resigned but is a board member. Intergra Telecom also enjoys his wisdom and expertise since he is also an executive member in the governing committee.