How Roberto Santiago Started Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago has always been an entrepreneur. He knows the right way to handle business, and he continues to show people what he can do with a company. When he was first getting started, he knew he would have to make some changes if he was going to make the mall the best it could be. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to try his best to show people what he was doing. He also wanted them to know he was going to make things better for them even though the area he was in was not the best. Manaira needed a boost, and Roberto Santiago felt he could be the one who would provide that to the people of the territory. Since Roberto Santiago had worked in business before, he knew how to start the mall and what it needed.


When Roberto Santiago was first coming up with the ideas for the mall, he knew he had to do something different. His original plan included a basic mall with some different shopping options. He wanted everyone to have a reason to visit the mall. From tourists to locals and everyone in between, Roberto Santiago did what he could to cater to their needs. There were shopping options available to people who needed everything. The mall became a center for activity and that helped make it a hub where people could come together and enjoy different things while they were shopping.


One thing Roberto Santiago did was make the mall expandable. He built it on land that was different from most other locations. Because of this, he knew he would be able to continue to expand Manaira. He wanted people to have a chance to enjoy the different things he had to offer. He also wanted them to know they would need to make all the right choices for the mall if they were going to shop there. Since he could expand it, he has continued to do so which has made the mall increasingly better. Perhaps one of the biggest things he expanded on was the entertainment. He did something nobody had ever done in Brazil before and put an expo center on the roof.


Now that many people are doing online shopping, Roberto Santiago is trying to keep his mall relevant. He knows he will be able to do so if he continues to expand. For that reason, he is creating lodging that’s attached to the mall. He wants to provide convenience for all the people who come to the mall. The hotel will allow them to spend more time shopping and exploring everything he has to offer through the Manaira Mall and the related experiences.