Rocketship Education: A Perfect Illustration of Quality Schooling

Affordability debate has been a recurrent theme in most educational debates. In most cases, affordability translates to less quality education. This has been the reality to most low-income earners in the USA. One entity is changing the narrative of affordability as well the quality debate. Rocketship remains the most iconic example that quality and better education does not need to be pricey. Many pundits have termed the school system as the solution for low-income earners willing to get a good education. It is interesting to note that some countries are adopting the schooling model in order to solve the education dilemma.

Although the school is working extra hard to challenge the school affordability narrative, one news outlet published a report on the school model. The story, which many educationists have termed as poorly researched, received a lot of criticism from the online community. Many of the people that expressed opinion of the piece pointed at many untruths about the story, ranging from the definition of Rocketship to the operational scope. The article missed so many truths about the school model, parents’ involvement to use of technology as a means to minimize operational costs. According to educationists, the piece goes down as the worst researched educational story.

The schools have a three-point approach to the running of the school. First, parents play an important role in the development of the students. It is vital for every parent in this school setting to be involved in day-to-day operation of the school. Second, Rocketship Education is one of the few education models that put emphasis on the talent development of the students. Through this model, thousands of students have been nurtured in their respective talents. Finally, Rocketship Education has the best approach to ensuring there is better learning. The school model is one of the few examples that have a personalized model of learning.

What makes the school affordable? The reason why the school has minimal operational cost compared to the typical schools is the use of technology. Since the school is tech-based, operational (and much of the learning) is virtual with the help of computers.

Oren Frank Cares About Talkspace – The Company Might Just Open Up For An IPO

Neil Leibowitz is the chief medical officer at Talkspace, a six-year-old company dedicated to connecting people in need of talk therapy and traditional mental health counseling services – cognitive behavioral therapy, for example – to licensed counselors and therapists through tech devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. Mr. Leibowitz, hired by Talkspace’s CEO and co-founder Oren Frank, most recently was employed by the United States-based health insurance provider giant UnitedHealth, also known as UnitedHealth Group, as a senior medical director.

Financial analysts and market experts believe that Talkspace is gearing up towards an initial public offering (IPO) and that bringing an experienced, well-tenured administrator in the healthcare industry would unarguably bring reputability to Talkspace’s corporate ladder. Mr. Neil Leibowitz has been given the title of chief medical officer by Oren Frank; Mr. Leibowitz and Mr. Frank have been working closely together since the former was brought on board by the latter in April 2018. After one fiscal quarter’s worth of the brilliant minds mulling together, Talkspace has made more progress towards its ability to open up with an IPO and scale larger so that the communication platform can be brought to more currently-struggling people – both individuals within the United States who have diagnosed mental health disorders and their counterparts who are similarly stressed, though typically not in a chronic capacity – around the nation.

Oren Frank is a solid chief executive to follow – just look at his Twitter page!

Some people purposefully put on facades or shells of themselves to display to the world to make others think more highly of them. Take a look at Oren Frank’s personal Twitter account at @orenfrank – it isn’t hard to tell that Mr. Frank is a man who’s concerned with mental health issues across the nation whose serious demeanor towards such problems is offset by poking light-hearted jokes at issues like politics.

Mr. Oren Frank recently retweeted fellow Twitter user Ben Yelin’s (@byelin) tweet of “Sir, this is a Wendy’s drive-thru” in response to Donald Trump’s recent all-caps tirade to Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran.

Learn about Talos Energy and Whistler Energy

Talos Energy is a natural gas and oil production company based in America. The company is an independent technically driven production and exploration organization whose focus is to acquire, explore, exploit, and construct deep and shallow water assets near current infrastructure. The company just completed its deal to take over Whistler Energy. The transaction cost Talos Energy $52 million. The company paid $100 million in cash.

The company’s CEO and president Timothy Duncan said that they are excited about the deal as it displays what the company looks for when buying producing assets in its central areas: production plants possessing the unused capacity, low-entry costs, and new seismic in an established hydrocarbon prolific location.

Timothy went ahead to say that the company will immediately conduct a field study that will result in identifying extra drilling places on the new asset to add on to its broader portfolio in the location. This will provide Talos Energy with options on how to distribute capital.

The assets acquired include a 100% working interest within the three blocks in Mexico’s Central Gulf, Green Canyon 18, Ewing Bank 988, and Green Canyon 60, including a production platform that is fixed on Green Canyon 18. The Central Gulf of Mexico which is commonly known as Green Canyon 18 has 16,494 acres with production holding all the leases.

The Whistler Energy bought the Green Canyon 18 in 2012 after Exxen Mobil developed it. The Green Canyon 18 can produce an accumulative of 117 million oil barrels. The production facility is near to the Tornado discovery and Phoenix Field which are operated by Talos Energy.

The strategic benefit for Talos from this deal is more than the current producing leases. The company was the highest bidder on most contracts including three drilling projections in the recent federal lease in the Gulf of Mexico.


Herbalife Nutrition launches a new high powered protein ice coffee drink

Herbalife Nutrition has decided to launch a brand new drink with a mixture of protein and iced coffee. Coffee certainly drives consumers as many need it for the mornings and that is what Herbalife is hoping to accomplish here. The article confirms that it will have a good taste to it, have low calories, and contain “15 grams of protein and 80 mg of caffeine per serving.” It will also have no artificial flavoring as the company is all about being healthy and making customers happy. The drink will be available in Mocha and will roll out other flavors soon. Each serving of coffee will contain about 100 calories, 15 grams of protein with only 2 grams of sugar, 80 mg of caffeine, and have low fat with no added artificial flavors or colors. For individuals who wish to purchase a 12-ounce bag, it will cost them about $38.50. Making the drink is easy as people will just have to add water to it and ice. Obesity has been a plaguing issue for America and Herbalife is trying to change that by making quality products dedicated to maintaining and losing weight, along with creating drinks for sports and now making a coffee drink. The company has many employees that are dedicated to crafting quality products.

Some interesting facts about Herbalife are it was founded in the year 1980, according to Wikipedia, and that they specialize in selling weight management, personal care, supplements, and sports nutrition products. Senior vice president and managing director for Herbalife’s North America region states that the brand is creating a special drink for consumers that have good taste, but without all the calories and added flavors to it. It also gives consumers protein, along with having barely any sugar, although loaded with caffeine to start the day off right. Herbalife is confirming that they want to enter the coffee industry, which is loaded with 38 billion, according to the article headline. The article confirms that the coffee industry has only continued to rise in profits, specifically though in the U.S. And according to a survey that Herbalife conducted, the latest generation called Millenials, have confirmed that many of them drink coffee, about half of them. They also found that “more than 60%” drink coffee every day in the US.”

Boost Your Workout to the Max With Neurocore Muscle Tech

The process of working out is different for almost everyone. Some runners are adamant about stretching before they get started, while others may just start off work a warm-up walk. Weight-lifters may do a cardio exercise to get themselves warmed up, while others may use lighter weights to get started. A popular option for dedicated athletes and bodybuilders is pre-workout. Pre-workout contains specific formulations of vitamins and supplements aimed at allowing the user to get the most possible out of their workout. Pre-workouts can give some athletes the push to continue their workout for extended periods of time. Pre-workouts vary from high levels of protein and caffeine to complicated proprietary formulas. With so many pre-workouts on the market, it can be hard to know what is good and what will work well.

Neurocore Muscle Tech is a super-concentrated and highly powerful formulation of vitamins specially developed for bodybuilders looking to gain muscle mass. This formula contains vitamins you’re unlikely to find in most pre-workouts, such as L-Citrulline and Creatine Monohydrate. The product is constantly tested and evaluated to ensure both safety and quality and meets the manufacturing standards required for dietary supplements. Unlike some other pre-workouts, Neurocore Muscle Tech isn’t just thrown together, and every batch will have the same level of potency and effectiveness. With so many pre-workouts on the market, it’s crucial to have a high-quality product people can trust.

Users of Neurocore Muscle Tech are more than impressed with the product and how it allows them to perform at the gym. While pre-workouts can have a rather gritty or otherwise unpleasant taste, this one has great fruit flavors that users love. Users feel that they’re able to work out for much longer periods of time with great results. If you’re looking for a pre-workout like no other, Neurocore Muscle Tech will offer a unique experience you won’t find in another pre-workout.

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The Importance of Treating Pelvic Floor Disorder and Marc Beer’s Solutions

Millions of women around the world suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic floor disorder, a health issue that is caused when their pelvic floor muscles aren’t strong enough, and there is an impairment between the muscles and the ligaments.



Because of that impairment, many women have weak muscles in that area causing pain, a lot of pressure, incapability of having sex without a lot of discomfort, and organ protrusion.



Pelvic floor dysfunction is a complicated matter that haunts many women, including in the United States.



Because of the nature of the disorder, many victims of this issue do not publicly seek professional help because of embarrassment. However, Marc Beer, CEO of Renovia, recommends doing the opposite.



According to Marc Beer, there are many types of treatments and therapies that can be done at home to improve the condition. Because the tissue surrounding the pelvic area has become more sensitive and victims continuously feel pain in that area, there is even a system developed by Renovia and Marc Beer for treatment at the comfort and privacy of home.



Having co-founded Renovia, Marc Beer is currently the CEO, Chairman of the board of directors and one of the most influential businessmen in the firm. He has more than twenty years of experience in the field, is an expert in biotechnology, the tech industry in general, pharmaceutics, and has conducted an intensive study on pelvic floor disorder.



Leva is a small device with smart functionalities that has been developed for women to take care of their pelvic dysfunction at home. It comes with instructions, a quick start guide, a LED and Bluetooth system and a downloadable application that you can use to use the device.



The purpose of the device is for you to improve and strengthen your muscles, your resistance, and for you to train to control the behavior of your pelvic muscles. It isn’t always easy, but it has been observed to impressively improve the condition of women who use the device daily. It can be used for the rehabilitation of your weakened muscles and offers treatment for stress and anxiety related to the condition.



Marc Beer has already raised millions of dollars to the development of products for women with pelvic floor disorder, and 2018 was no exception. The CEO teamed up with their investors Longwood Fund with the mutual mission of developing new, updated and improved products for them. With extensive research being conducted for these products to be the best available yet, Renovia is widening their range of accessories, devices, and products for women suffering from this dysfunction.



Having created Renovia with the intention of helping these millions of women with pelvic floor disorder, Marc Beer is very enthusiastic with the milestones that the company has already surpassed. Learn more :


Dick and Betsy DeVos: Bettering Society

Dick and Betsy DeVos are well known as a major power couple in the field of education. In fact, they were responsible for the implementation of the now famous charter school located in the Grand Rapids International Airport. The charter school has done very well, garnering huge amounts of success and appreciation throughout much of its existence. Students within this institution given the opportunity to prove himself through aviation-themed course material and modules. The school’s success is due in part to the fact that it is specialized and caters to students who have shown interest in aviation. The material is taught within a context that is built around a subject that they have shown considerable interest towards. It is a good way for parents to educate their children and help them establish skills.


Betsy DeVos is well known as Secretary of Education. She has made a name for herself as an advocate for the privatization of the education industry and “school choice”. Her appointment to Secretary of Education came at the cost of a career that is decorated with grit and determination towards a better future or the education industry. She has partnered with countless individuals throughout her career to push for better interest in the subject matter. As a Secretary of Education, she has done more to increase the visibility of charter schools and private schools.


While Betsy DeVos seems to get a lot of attention for her education works, Dick DeVos is also committed to the field of education. In addition to his work with the charter school located in Grand Rapids, he has also put a significant amount of time in with the planning board for Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work with various other businessmen has helped to encourage development in the Grand Rapids area that will also benefit the population living there. His interest in aviation has also earmarked him as a professional in this field and he has been tapped for an FAA project.


Looking back at the accomplishments of these two it is astounding. Throughout their lifetime, the Devoses have pushed for the betterment of their community and society. They do not give up simply because something seems difficult or time-consuming. Regardless of the personal sacrifices that they must make, the Devoses will persevere. It seems that instead of working to keep up with the Joneses, it is a better model to keep up with the Devoses.


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Dr. Mark McKenna Is A “Docpreneur” Who Has Created A Customer-Centric Medical Aesthetic Practice

Dr. Mark McKenna is helping to usher in a new era for the entrepreneur and is marrying his love of cosmetic medicine with business. He started out working in the real estate sector but moved on to work in the healthcare field after Hurricane Katrina leveled New Orleans. During this time, his real estate portfolio was destroyed, but he stayed around and helped to rebuild the city he called home before moving to Atlanta Georgia. He had attended Tulane University Medical School previously and had learned a lot about medicine while there.

Dr. Mark McKenna eventually founded ShapeMed, which began as a single clinic but ended up offering its services out of many different sites in Atlanta, Georgia. The idea behind ShapeMed was to offer its customers medical practice that was aesthetic and wellness-based od they could take care of their health in a simpler way. In 2014, Life Time Fitness purchased ShapeMed, and Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on with the company for a year or so to ensure that it would continue to serve its customers well.

After the sale of ShapeMed, Dr. Mark McKenna got to work on building a new medical aesthetic company. This company is OVME, which is offers cosmetic medical services to its customers. One of the defining features of OVME is the fact that it will be offering an app where people can connect with medical professionals who will come right out to their home to offer them services. OVME offers aesthetic medical services like Botox injections, Dysport, Dermal fillers, Kybella, and more.

Dr. Mark McKenna has built OVME so it is heavily focused on the happiness of its customers rather than its own bottom line and continues to work on innovations that will change the way that the medical aesthetic industry works. Many people have called him a docpreneur, which is a term that describes a doctor who understands the world of business and does something with that knowledge. Dr. Mark McKenna is more than happy to have the title bestowed upon him and is hoping to use his entrepreneurial skills to help as many people as he can.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: The Importance of Emergency Services

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has recently aired his concern about the increasing number of people who are using the emergency departments in hospitals across Florida to have their situation assessed and treated. He revealed that the issues concerning the patients are not that severe, and it has become a norm for people who have non-urgent cases to visit the emergency room for medical services. As a doctor, he still admits these people, assigning nurses to look after them and send them home after their injuries have been treated. However, he is appealing to the public that they should not go directly to the emergency room for cases that do not require any urgency. He also said that hospitals across the state are starting to experience a significant decrease in the number of their primary care medicines, and it is one of the contributing reasons as to why the majority of Americans are choosing to go directly to the emergency department to be treated.

The doctor from the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital also claimed that the rise in the number of non-urgent cases in the emergency room is impacting the healthcare industry within the state. He said that if the people would continue using the emergency services, and if the government would do nothing, the state’s health care system would collapse, and those who need immediate assistance would have to wait because the resources have been given to non-urgent cases. Most people in the United States are coming to the emergency room because they wanted the doctors and the nurses to provide them with urgent care. Patients in the United States are required to set up their appointments 24 hours before their actual visit, and those who are visiting the emergency room does not want to wait for 24 hours before they can speak with a doctor. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel said that the people need to be educated as to when they are required to use the emergency room and when they should not. He also cleared out that with the right explanation about the importance of emergency rooms, people would start to care and they would never abuse the entitlement of immediate response.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been in the medical industry for years, and because of his expertise in the field of emergency medicine, he already treated tens of thousands who were rushed inside the hospital where he works. His experiences in dealing with different patients who genuinely need emergency care sparked his protest about the increasing number of patients who seem to abuse the emergency room services. People whom he has treated in the past have shown their solidarity to the doctor, saying that they should be given the right to choose which patients they would have to attend to, basing on the severity of their cases.

Because of the contributions of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel in the field of medicine, he was named as one of the most influential doctors in the country by several organizations and medical groups. He thanked them later on and requested for other professional doctors to help accommodate the increasing number of patients who are visiting the hospitals.

Infinity Group Australia Helping Families to Use Budgeting as a Tool of Monitoring their Overall Expenditure

Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia, a financial entity that is geared towards ensuring that everyday Australians have a better life. The better life is attained through a strategy that helps ordinary citizens in the country, who have difficulties paying their mortgages to pay their financial obligations with ease. According to Graeme Hold, the purpose of starting this firm was to enable customers to cut their mortgages by adopting a strategy that requires large proportions of the loan paid within the first few months. It is known that paying significant portions of your mortgage has a substantial impact on the overall amount that you will be paying when the loan matures.


Before the company started its operations in 2013, other financial organizations were not providing their customers with a viable financial plan that would help consumers to minimize their overall spending and manage their mortgages. This is the primary reason as to why Graeme Holm, found the necessity of starting a financial organization that will be offering financial assistance to everyday Australians. Infinity Group Australia reviews highlight that the firm has been doing a great job in helping individuals to make financial decisions that have been making their life better than before.


It is the characteristic of the market to help families in need of money to get loans, but they would not advise or offer insight into how much money should be repaid back. An excellent financial organization does not only provide loans to its customers but goes further to assist its customers with how much money will be refunded back. Infinity Group Australia adopts a strategy that cannot be seen with other financial organizations. Assigning you a personal financial advisor who will walk with an individual in the financial journey of borrowing, spending the amount borrowed and repaying the loan back.


The second role of a personal banker is ensuring that you plan for all the money that you receive through a budget, which will prevent an individual from spending money paying for unnecessary expenses. The personal banker will go further to offer you weekly and monthly financial performance so that you can trace how you have been spending your income. Through the normal budgeting process, individuals will get extra money that will be used in supporting their families and also paying for the mortgage loans, which will help them to acquire the house. As individuals find, a personal banker is crucial because he or she helps you to cut expenses and thus have much money to pay the loan back. Learn more: