Eco-Friendly Travel With Wild Ark

When you live the eco-conscious lifestyle, it can be difficult to find a vacation spot that keeps with your ideals. So much of the world is purely profit driven, which is a particular detriment to those areas that are known for their natural beauty. Thankfully many of the world’s hottest (and some of the least known) destinations are becoming a Mecca for eco-travelers, giving a welcome relief to those who have become accustomed to vacations that feature a different bean dinner each night and brown toilet paper. If you’re looking to travel with a clean conscience, try these destinations.Learn more :


1 – Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya

This resort is found between the Amboseli and Tsavo national parks in Kenya and provides safari’s led by traditional Maasai. Accommodations include luxurious tents with baths to wash away the dust of the day’s wilderness encounters. The local authorities dedication to protecting the megafauna here while encouraging eco-friendly tourism makes it a fantastic destination spot for eco-travelers.Learn more :


2 – Haciendas Del Mundo Maya, Mexico

There something positively mystical about the ancient Mayan World, and this location will bring you right into the heart of it. Whether you spend your days climbing a Mayan pyramid or daring the plunge pool at your villa, you won’t be disappointed. The local foundation works with the tourism industry to ensure that the beautiful environment is protected while offering some of the most beautiful and amazing sites in Mexico.Learn more :


3 – Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica

This location is one of the most beautiful in eco-conscious Costa Rica. The tourism industry here is working hard to provide beautiful locations with the protection they need while giving travelers an opportunity to get out into the wild and reconnect with nature. The hotel has an Infinity Pool and 4-poster beds draped in beautiful gauze. You can even stop into the spa to enjoy a little pampering.


Wild Ark was established by two passionate lovers of nature with an ambition to see them protected for future eco-travelers to enjoy. They work from a solid foundation of education, believing that knowing about nature will lead to a love of nature and the desire to see it preserved. To this end, they have worked to secure green belts for the purpose of preserving biodiversity and wildlife conservation.Learn more :


Small Investors Need Crusaders Like Brad Reifler

Sometimes it seems like Wall Street is set up to help the rich get richer while the small investor is left to fend for himself in a financial world that can be quite edgy.

Thankfully, there are people like Brad Reifler who have taken on the job of helping Middle America navigate the sometimes confusing and troublesome landscape so that they can enjoy profits as well without having to be accredited to do so. His firm Forefront Capital leverages his extensive expertise and experience to do just that.

There are three primary issues which small investors face which put them at a disadvantage as compared to the Wall Street professionals who make it their life to work the markets. Brad Reifler knows all about these and is trying to help. The first of these is the problem of fees.

Forefront Capital differs from most of the other management firms who will charge a large fee no matter how the stock portfolio turns out for their client. This means that they can be assured of receiving great profits despite the performance, and this eliminates much of the incentive for them to put in the hard work to make sure that everything goes as best possible. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Secondly, small investors are considered as the less astute version of the accredited investor, and so they are limited in open options. Hedge funds, private equity, and other private funds can often be potential gold mines that are off limits to the small guy due to government restrictions.

PR Newswire stated that Brad Reifler wants to expand the opportunities for his clients so that they can share in the same upturns as the big guys.

Finally, the stock market risk is another key concern for the non-accredited investor. It is because of the limited options detailed in the second point above that the small investor has almost all of his assets tied to the stock market in some form or fashion.

This can range from problematic during a downturn to outright detrimental when long periods of poor performance accumulate. Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital are battling these issues by giving the small investor better options than they have had in the past through the less concerned other guys.

Lifeline Screening Is A Safe Harbor For Many

Lifeline Screening is a company which provides medical screening tests to people at a discount. Many people don’t see a doctor regularly, but they should. They are not aware that something might be amiss with their state of health because there are no obvious symptoms based on their judgment and experience.

With Lifeline Screening, people can get tested very conveniently and without any scheduling problems by showing up at a Lifeline location. The preventive health tests come in three categories. The first category is the ultrasound. This is the same type of procedure that pregnant moms have done when they want to know the sex of the baby that is to come. Sound waves are directed to the body of the patient, and the internal organs are shown on the screen in real time.

Blood flow can be viewed within the arteries to determine if there is any blockage. Arteries such as the Carotid and the aorta can be viewed in this manner. Bone density can be screened to determine osteoporosis.

The second type of screening is the finger-stick blood test where only a few drops of blood are needed. From this, an entire lipid blood panel is the result where a person’s cholesterol readings can be gleaned. The HDL and LDL (Good and Bad Cholesterol) are indicated which are meaningful results. The blood-sugar levels are given which tells the possibility of diabetes, and the level of liver enzymes tells whether there is a propensity for liver disease.

The third type of test is the limited electrocardiograph which looks for atrial fibrillation which is also called A-Fib. This is an irregular heartbeat which is dangerous because it causes blood clots to form which can cause a stroke.

These screening tests given by Lifeline Screening are non-invasive, and the results are easily transmitted to the patient’s primary care physician.

What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Over the course of the last four years, Kate Hudson has been gradually turning her athletic apparel brand Fabletics into a $250 million business empire. By combining cute and fashionable workout gear with some seriously bold business strategies, Hudson has managed to create a company that earns more revenue annually than Amazon’s workout apparel department.


When the famous blonde movie star first launched the brand in 2013, many doubted her actual involvement in the company’s business side of things. However, Hudson has since proven herself as a strong entrepreneur with a fearless approach to marketing. Her innovative strategies have inspired young entrepreneurs who want to get into the world of online retail.





One of the things that sets Fabletics apart from other workout apparel brands is its unique subscription service business model. The brand’s website encourages shoppers to join the VIP membership program. This membership program allows customers to receive a new athletic outfit in the mail each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. Shipping is free of charge and subscribers can opt out of the program whenever they wish.


By filling out a lifestyle quiz upon signing up to the program, Fabletics gains insight into which products the customer wants. Then, at the beginning of the month, VIP members are given a choice between a handful of outfits based on the answers they gave when they filled out the lifestyle quiz. They select the outfit that they like most and it’s sent to their door within days.


Teri Hutcheon, lifestyle blogger from, joined the VIP membership program because she wanted the convenience of allowing Fabletics to select outfits for her. Plus, Fabletics items are highly affordable. As an avid workout enthusiast, Teri spends a lot of money on athletic apparel.


Teri immediately spotted the high quality of materials used to make Fabletics products. The sweat-resistant fabrics hold up after several tough workout sessions and the colors don’t run in the wash.


Recently, Fabletics opened a few brick-and-mortar outlets around the country. These stores are reverse showrooms, letting shoppers try on Fabletics gear so that they may sign up to the VIP membership program. The company uses online data gathered from the website in order to stock each store.


These reverse showrooms have brought significant revenue to the company. About 25 percent of customers who have made a purchase in a Fabletics store have become VIP members.


If you can’t get enough of stylish workout clothing, fill out the lifestyle quiz on

The Los Angeles International Kabbalah Centre

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Kabbalah International Centre is a charitable organization that offers regional Kabbalistic and Zohar online teachings. At the Kaballah, students are taught about the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, human existence and the soul’s journey.

Dedicated instructors present this knowledge to a large united group of learners ready to accomplish human wellbeing, peace, sustenance and dignity. Some of the programs that are taught include Eleven and Ten, Nine, Basra Kabbala, Priestly Misconduct, Ishmael’s Final Battle and the Fall of the Great Walls.

Most Hollywood stars like Madonna showed interest in the Kabbalah and others followed suit, revealing how good it was to study Jewish Kabbala traditions. The late Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard and Paris Hilton also expressed similar interest in the Jewish Kabbalah. Most of these stars consider the Kabbalah as the life problems healer. Hollywood star Paris Hilton even said that visits to the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center helped her recovery back her life during her divorce with Nick Carter.

She still goes there, and it helps her a lot. Other celebrities have also had their share of experiences at the Kabbalah. Most stars consider Kabbalah as the traditional knowledge that offers practical tools to develop long lasting joy and fulfillment. It is the most incredible system that ultimately changes the world’s view.

Traditionally, Kabbalah was a Jewish tradition of the Israeli and has now grown at the most prominent speed. Different Kabbalistic groups have already emerged, and Kabbalah is getting integrated into the contemporary world through oral traditions like music, literature and entertainment media like visual art productions and cinema.

At the Los Angeles International Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah learners have access to published books, and both offline and online outreach serviced location courses of Kabbalistic wisdom tools. Some of its online platforms include,, and The aim of the center is to train about Kabbalah wisdom that assists learners to build life faith. Teachings in the center are not meant to be scholarly studies, rather are knowledgeable plans to create the world a better place.

A Look At Litigation

The word litigation describes the process of parties resolving disputes within the civil court system. The process starts when one of the parties consults with a lawyer about a legal issue. If the facts of the case warrant, the lawyer can send the other party a demand letter which tells them what the lawyer’s client is expecting in order to resolve the dispute. Most court cases are resolved long before they see the inside of a courtroom as both sides negotiate a settlement.

If the parties can’t agree to a settlement, the lawyer will file a lawsuit in court. Both sides have the opportunity to engage in discovery, which is where all the facts of the case are shared between the parties. If the parties still can’t settle than the case is heard before a judge who will make their determination about the case and what, if anything, the plaintiff is entitled to.

Karl Heideck of Philadelphia is a good example of someone that practices litigation. He earned his law degree at Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009. He started his legal career as an Associate at the law firm Conrad O’Brien where he represented individuals and corporate clients that were involved in litigation. Some of Karl Heideck’s cases included SEC receivership, banking litigation, and white collar criminal defense.

After serving as a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP for almost four years, Karl Heideck joined Hire Counsel as a Contract Attorney. He has continued to focus on banking litigation including complex cases of security fraud. Karl Heideck also specializes in compliance, risk management, and legal banking issues like transactions, liquidity positions, and acquisitions. While many of the cases Karl Heideck handles are settled through negotiations before they’re heard in a courtroom, he has represented clients before judges.


Dr. Richard A. Shinto, holds the position of Chief Executive Officer as well as the President at InnovaCare Health Solutions. Before moving to InnovaCare, he previously worked with Aveta Inc as the CEO. Shinto as well at one point served as the CEO at MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice. He has a wide experience of more than two decades in clinical and operation healthcare.

Mr. Richard has served in other capacities such as at the Medical Pathways Management Company where he served as the Chief medical Officer as well as the Chief operation Officer. He has also worked as a Corporate Vice President at the Medical Management for MedPartners before transferring to Cal Optima Health Plan. Dr. Shinto acquired his degree in medicine the University of California at Irvine. He later studied and got a masters ‘degree in medicine from the University of Redlands. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Rick Shinto is working closely with a talented woman, Penelope Kokkinides of Innovacare , its Chief Administrative Officer. Having more than twenty years of experience in health care, Kokkinides specializes in government programs such as the Medicaid and Medicare as well as the managing its care industry. She has a vast knowledge and expertise in clinical programs and their development and how to manage their health care. She mainly focuses on improving efficiency and organizational infrastructure. She assumed her current role following the new leadership nominations on 28th July 2016.

Kokkinides has previously served in a number of management roles, such as the Chief Operating Officer Executive and Vice President at Centerlight HealthCare. She had the role of overall management and strategic management of care division. She has also worked at Touchstone Health as a Chief Operating Officer, the position of the Corporate Vice President at the Care Management and Disease Management, AmeriChoice. Most of these positions has seen him help in coming up with health models which are aimed at helping the organization. In a recent interview, Kokkinides thinks being organized and structured greatly contributes to good results. She also takes time to prioritize what tasks need to get done and what she ultimately wants to get done. This is important in achieving set goals by the end of the day.

Based in North America, InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of managed healthcare services. It delivers sits services through two main avenues, Provider Networks and Medical Advantage & Medical Programs. Through these programs, they are able to provide quality healthcare by creating models that are sustainable, fully integrated with technology and cost effective. View more about Rick on Smart Brief.

Oncotarget Journal Review

Oncotarget has been one of the prime journals on Oncology. It is a multi-disciplinary free-access journal which publishes weekly issues of scientific papers online. However, the author or the subscriber has the option of getting a particular report or a paper printed on special demand. There are significant features of the journal that will include:


The mission of the journal is manifold; Oncotarget focuses on easy and wide access scientific results that will be shared amongst peers. It has set up a highly efficient review board which functions to scrutinize and maximize the effect of the research conducted. The journal also aims at bridging several areas of biomedical sciences and promotes the application of basic and clinical sciences for therapeutic outcomes. This will help the scientific community to achieve their ultimate goal of Life without diseases.

Experienced Editorial Board

The journal takes pride in having eminent names on its editorial board. The editor-in-chief is Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov and Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The other eminent members will include Nobel laureate, Dr. Andrew Schally, and Dr. Carlo M. Croce. Four members of Oncotarget has received the prestigious Breakthrough Prize since 2013. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Impact Factor and high-Index

Since its inclusion in the scientific community in 2010, its growth has been increasing to this day. The journal has a high impact factor of 5.008 with an average impact factor of 5.415 in 2015-16. The total number of citation from this journal has crossed the 10,000 mark and the value currently stands at 10,452. The journal has also received a Scopus/SJR ranking of Q1 since 2011. Another notable achievement for the journal is that it is ranked at the top amongst all journals in oncology by Total Documents.

All these attributes have made Oncotarget one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Oncology. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

New York-Based Famous Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an NYC-based famous executive recruiter who is well-known for her skills like management and talent acquisition. She works as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. The nature of Zuckerberg’s job gives her the opportunities to work with leading business figures in the area of Greater New York. They hire Zuckerberg for providing recruitment strategies and process improvement. Many companies choose her to negotiate key job offers for them. Julie Zuckerberg also counsels executive committees and leadership, and she coaches recruitment teams. She used to work as Talent Acquisition at Executive Recruiter Company. Her responsibilities there included dealing with contract governance and maintaining business relationships. During a career of fifteen years, Julie showed outstanding performance. Before Julie Zuckerberg joined Deutsche Bank, she worked as Senior Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance. There her responsibilities included analyzing customer requirement and managing recruitment process with the management.


Julie Zuckerberg was the Executive Recruiter and Vice President for six years at Citibank before she joined the New York Life Insurance. Zuckerberg’s responsibilities at the company were huge and many. She was responsible for global talent sourcing, provide advice for recruitment strategies, and negotiate top level and complex job offers. Before joining the Citibank, she was working as Candidate Placement Director at Hudson. There she was responsible for the recruitment of wide range of staff like attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and case managers. Besides all this, many financial institutions, corporations, and legal firms hire Julie Zuckerberg for recruiting people on a temporary basis. Something which she is really good at is coaching and counseling employees and leading conflict resolution. Zuckerberg’s colleague believes that her work ethics and academic background has a strong role in a successful career.


Julie Zuckerberg was interested in studying Philosophy in the beginning. She was a student at New York Brooklyn College of City University when she changed her mind and became interested in law. She then took admission in New York Law School. It is how she landed in the field of talent acquisition. Luckily, she met some great teachers and awesome mentors. They were the ones who developed her into an amazing professional. They motivated and inspired her to work hard and smart. She gained a lot from them these people who increased her skill set. In today’s world of corporate business, Julie Zuckerberg is an unmatched recruiting professional. Professionals say that Julie Zuckerberg is second to none when it comes to team leadership, sourcing, management & acquisition, coaching, employee training, conflict resolution, and human resources. Julie Zuckerberg is very keen on using technology to improve business efficiency in this era of competition.


Although Julie Zuckerberg is a very busy professional, she manages time for her leisure. Her native city, New York, is famous for its vibrant culture that is interesting for both locals and tourists. Some people believe that Zuckerberg comes up with new ideas at work due to the way she enjoys her personal life. As a human being, Zuckerberg is very sensitive and advocates voice for the rights of underprivileged people and animals.



The Quincy; Shootings in New Brunswick, NJ

The Quincy is an apartment located in New Brunswick, NJ. The compound is found near the Raritan River. There have been some incidences in this complex making it insecure for people dwelling there. The incidences that have happened in the Quincy which is found at Liberty Street are crimes such as theft and shooting incidences. As a result, many residents have been injured because of weapon possession. It is a sad picture of the inhabitants of this apartment. Here I am giving the account of some of the incidences that have occurred here.


There was a shooting crime that took place on October 7, 2015. The incident left one person injured at the Brunswick Apartments. Because of the crimes that have occurred here, police have declared it a hotspot for crime. The shooting was carried out by one gangster. At that time, four shots rent the air. Afterward, one person was left injured whereby he was rushed to the hospital. The person who took the responsibility of taking the casualty to the hospital happened to be the suspect. More bullets were found at the compound, and this prompted the police to go back and contact thorough research.


There was also another incident that occurred on May 7, 2013, and it involved a pizza delivery man. The shooting happened when the man was going on with his job of pizza delivery. When the man entered the residence, he was told by the residents that no one had ordered pizza. At the time of going back to the car, he met shooters waiting for him. The gangsters robbed the man of his pizza and drove away after shooting him. Later, police contacted information and linked an ordinary street person to the crime after getting cellphone information. The man was arrested where he was charged with obstruction of justice, robbery, and passion of a weapon unlawfully. There was also a wounded person who sought medical services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and was connected to the shooting.


Apart from the above shooting incidents, other events have also occurred. Some of the famous shootings happened because of quarrels arising from domestic issues. There was a shooting that left two people in critical conditions around the New Brunswick City. The apartment has insecurity because it is believed that there are many armed people. Police reported that such cases are common in this apartment and some women are thought to order pizzas just to set those people on the trap.