Louis Chênevert was UTC’s Stroke of Luck

Louis Chênevert was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada, in 1958. Chênevert had an interest in the business world since his childhood. Chênevert worked very hard to achieve success; it did not come easy.

Louis Chênevert was a student at the HEC Montréal Business School at the University of

Montréal, majoring in production management. As production manager, one has the responsibility of making sure goods are produced efficiently. Goods must be the highest quality possible, produced quickly, and at the lowest cost possible.

After graduating from college. Louis Chênevert became production manager of General Motors of St. Therese, Quebec. Guy Hachey hired Chênevert to manage the assembly line in Montréal. Hachey was a year and a half ahead of Chênevert. Every time Hachey was promoted, Chênevert took the job Hachey left. Close attention had to be made to quickly assembled vehicles.

In 1993, Louis Chênevert started work at Pratt and Whitney in Canada a subsidiary of UTC. UTC means United Technologies Corporation. By 1999, Chênevert became president of PW after he was transferred to the United States. UTC is in the aircraft building business. By 2006, Chênevert became the director of UTC, and two years later he became the CEO. Louis Chênevert can walk into a factory, and in 15 second he’ll know if things are running smoothly or not. In order to save cost, he moved UTC to Farmington, Connecticut.

As CEO of UTC, Chênevert had many successes. Under Chênevert, the company secured a $240 million contract with the U.S. Navy because they were happy with the F135 engine UTC built for them. Goodrich had signed an $18 billion contract with UTC. Under redirection of Chênevert, UTC created the geared turbo engine or GTF engine that’s capable of reducing fuel by 16 percent and emission waste by 50 percent. In six years, the UTC stock share went from $37 to $117 a share. When he retired in 2014, Chênevert left shareholders with an 84 percent increase of this initial investment. UTC was on top and doing better in the stock market than SP 500 that was 20 points below UTC.


The Spectacular Success of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is among the few individuals who have led a successful career. He co-founded ATS Digital Services, a renowned digital solutions provider, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Robert Deignan was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was a talented football player that earned him a full sponsorship program at Purdue University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership.

Mr. Deignan co-founded Fanlink as his first business venture with his friend. When he co-founded the firm, he was very young at that time. However, he knew that the young experience would equip him and would facilitate in running a successful business. He later got employed at a company that was providing anti-malware services to their clients. Here, he acquired vast skills and experiences which would impact him in running a similar company.

Having acquired such experiences from the first company he co-founded to a mega anti-malware company, he was able to establish and run ATS Digital Services. Since the establishment, the firm has incorporated numerous digital services. At ATS Digital Services, you can access the majority of services offered by the firm. According to Robert Deignan, ATS has concentrated on issues which are engineered against addressing any digital concerns of the customers within a short range of time. This has made them formidable in the digital services industry.

The Idea of ATS

Robert Deignan refers the idea of co-founding ATS from the anti-malware company he used to work. He noticed that the firm offered anti-malware services remotely to clients after a massive fight with the malware individuals. Robert and his partners decided to provide a variety of solutions including anti-malware solutions to their clients remotely.

About Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan starts his busy day with his family. His first task is to prepare his young boy for school. Afterward, he drives to his office where he recaps on the activities of the previous day. He also completes unfinished tasks as well as responding to emails. After long working hours, he meets with the other two founders where they look on the projections of the firm and create essential business ideas.


Mina Ebrahimi’s Contributions to Success of her Catering Business

Like most women entrepreneurs, Mina Ebrahimi has been a hardworking and diligent business lady, dedicated to seeing her catering career thrive even through adversities. She has contributed a lot to this venture alongside the help of her employees. Mina has also expanded her company into a global one. She left Iran as an immigrant and went to found Saint Germain Catering where she currently works as the Chief Executive Officer. Below are various factors that have played a role in the success of her entrepreneurship journey.

Mina Ebrahimi is passionate and creative

Being both creative and passionate for her career makes Mina Ebrahimi whole and satisfied in her heart. She is innovative in different ways, and this enables her to create new things every other day. Her generous nature gives her the opportunity to help others through creativity in the food industry.

The strengths of Mina Ebrahimi as a woman in business

Her prowess began being evident when she was only eleven years old. She worked in her parents’ Tiffany bakery in Seven Corners. At the age of 26, Mina was already a veteran in the catering field. Her frequent attendance to seminars and workshops has increased her knowledge and capability in working on her catering business.

Mina Ebrahimi’s Philanthropic nature

Being a woman that wholeheartedly cares about humanity, Mina has participated in several activities apart from her catering business. She works towards discovering ovarian cancer in women through the sponsorship of The Penn Vet Working Dog Center. She is also passionate about helping disabled soldiers coming from battle. Mina also gives support to young women to start their businesses.

Work ethics and achievements

Mina Ebrahimi values integrity, responsibility, quality, discipline, and teamwork in all her endeavors. These have enabled her business to thrive and earned her several awards.

More about Mina Ebrahimi

Mina dearly loves animals especially dogs. She won the Enterprising Woman of the year in 2014 as well as the Top 40 Under 40 award in 2010. Also, she is the founder of Capitol Women Enterprise which aims at empowering women in the business industry. Mina Ebrahimi provides her catering services in graduations, weddings, birthday parties and other events.


InnovaCare’s CAO Penelope Kokkinides Commitment to Innovation

Penelope Kokkinides is the present Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for InnovaCare. With an experience of more than twenty years in the healthcare arena, Penelope has a wide variety of skills in developing and optimizing healthcare services. She is also a specialist in government-run provisions such as Medicaid and Medicare. She is proficient in building organization infrastructures, enhancing healthcare effectiveness and managing health care operations and processes. According to Kokkinides, the success of Innovacare lies in staying up-to-date with developments in a sector full of extensive changes.


Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope worked at Centerlight Healthcare Inc. There she worked as the chief operating officer and the vice president of the firm. Her roles at Centerlight included general management as well as developing and steering strategy for managed care divisions. Penelope has also served at Touchstone Health as the Chief Operating Officer. Moreover, she has also worked for AmeriChoice, a part of the large United HealthGroup. There Penelope served as the Vice President of disease management and healthcare management.


She was also an essential member of the management crew that implemented the healthcare service model of the company. As a returning member in the management crew, Kokkinides worked for InnovaCare as the COO from 2009 to 2014. Being a passionate supporter of technology inventions in health care, Penelope talks on many forums on how you can become a successful businessperson.


According to Penelope, the trick is to remain informed at all times. This professional spends a lot of time reading research books, articles, publications and resources to stay abreast of every change happening in the healthcare sector. InnovaCare is very keen when it comes to innovations in healthcare. One of the core tenants of InnovaCare is to work with setups that drive innovations and changes in medical studies. Presently, it’s the most prominent healthcare company in Puerto Rico that provides services and plans for the United States as well.


As leading healthcare, payer and services provider, InnovaCare serves more than 467,000 members. Penelope opinion to offer high-quality healthcare and technology advancement in healthcare has spearheaded many achievements in the medical arena. According to Penelope Kokknides, healthcare providers should stay ahead of technology inventions if they don’t want to be left behind. She believes that technology has changed the manner in which she works.


Penelope Kokkinides education background includes a biological sciences degree from SUNY Binghamton and two completed Master’s degree programs. The first one is an MBA in Social Work, and the other one is MBA in Public Health from New York University and Columbia University respectively.


OSI Industries is Superstar Company that has Over 100 Years of Success

OSI Industries has been around since 1909. It was established in the city of Chicago on the city’s westside. OSI Industries was originally name after Otto Kolschowsky. This man was a German immigrant who wanted to serve his community with great tasting meat products. Otto’s butcher shop was a huge success and it allowed him to earn a living and to support his family.

Eventually, Otto had children and they grew up into adults. Once they were of age, his two sons joined their father’s business. At this point, the small butcher shop’s name became Otto and Sons. This name would stick with the business until the 1970s. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

From the late 1940s until the 1950s, Otto and Sons were doing great business. Their big break eventually came in 1955 when a guy named Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant. Kroc needed a persistent supplier that could make the same great tasting burger products for his consumers. This was going to be an essential part of the McDonald’s brand. He eventually discovered Otto and Sons and realized they might be able to provide him with the meat products that he needed to be successful.

This partnership proved to be extremely fruitful for Otto and Sons. As McDonald’s grew in popularity and financially – Otto and Sons experienced growth as well. While they did not receive all of the glory and fame associated with McDonald’s name, they did so much business that they had to continuously to expand just to keep up with their achievement.

Otto and Sons continued with their partnership with McDonald’s and they also expanded into other parts of the grocer, restaurant and OSI Industries food service industries. They started to manufacturer products for various restaurants and for local grocery stores. In the mid-70s, Otto and Sons was officially a major corporation and they were called OSI Industries.

The company had aggressively expanded during the 80s and 90s. They steadily gained more market share of the food service industries. Many food suppliers were falling to the wayside but OSI was steadily progressing. The company now has 65 locations spread out in 17 different nations. They employ over 20,000 people. Forbes dubbed this organization the 58th best company in the world. OSI Industries generates over $6 billion a year in revenues. OSI Industries experience and longevity has truly made this company a superstar in the food service industry.

To know more visit @: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

Quick History Of The Trabuco

It is a weapon that has a long history of being a destructive force and before it was replaced by gunpowder and cannons was feared by those that were on the receiving end of its destruction, we are talking about of course the Trabuco. To truly understand the origins of this weapon, you have to travel back to China in 400 B.C when a smaller weapon known as the slingshot gave inspiration to the Trabuco. Some people would say that it’s origins may date back even more than that as some people say that the inspiration for this weapon came from a simple sling.

One thing that could be said about the Trabuco was that it was not a weapon that was made for rapid fire. On average to get this weapon ready for use, it would take about 12 days. This would mean that if you missed your mark, you were going to have to wait almost two weeks to get another shot. By this time your enemy could have already conquered you if your other weapons were not nearly as strong according to spanishdict.com. For those that were lucky to hit their intended target, there was a lot of damage that could be caused by a hit from one of these.

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Use of this weapon spread to Europe where there it underwent a bit of a rebirth and two forms of this came into existence. The first of these was the counterweight for as well as the traction form. With the use of these in Europe the battles took on a new aspect and there were a lot fewer battles that were lost. This eventually would be the last time that the Trabuco would be used as innovations in weapons would give rise to new forms of combat and would leave the weapon obsolete. Cannons and the invention of gunpowder were too much for the Trabuco to be able to adjust and account for.

Size, the amount of time for preparation, mobility were just a few of the things that took it’s toll on this weapon and led to more and more armies ceasing the use of this. Eventually, there was a world that had no need for this weapon and the last of these were destroyed and the wood reused for other purposes according to infoescola.com. Today the only one of these that survive are in museums as display pieces to teach others about this weapon and how it helped to change the world.

Search more about Trabuco: https://www.sinonimos.com.br/trabuco/

Turning the Heat Up Against Amazon with Drew Madden

Amazon Versus CVS

If you haven’t kept up with the news lately, Amazon isn’t just focused on selling electronics and clothes anymore; it now wants to sell medical equipment as well, and it’s well on its way to receiving the necessary licensing that permits it. This has transformed the medical industry as a whole into a battlefield of sorts since Amazon has been known to cast large businesses aside like ragdolls and either decommission them entirely or absorb them Borg-style into their own operations.

It’s actually not that terrifying, but it certainly feels that way to the CEOs and entrepreneurs who are feeling Amazon’s heat as a result of their advance into the medical field with their retail services.

What’s now happening is CVS is attempting to fire back by incorporating some form of health care into their stores. They have their eyes set on health insurance giant Aetna, which already owns a respectable chunk of the population’s health insurance plans and would no doubt provide an epic leg-up to the good ol’ general goods box store that we know and love. While the outcome is uncertain, one thing is known: CVS has no plans of ending up like Whole Foods or Toys “R” Us.

What It Means

The implications of web-based retailing and service provision is nothing new but certainly hasn’t been slowed as the years crawl by; if anything, it’s getting insanely powerful and is largely responsible for the shutdown of Toys “R” Us among other businesses. As a result, CVS — primarily a brick-and-mortar business — wants to cash in on this with a dual setup that gives them the best of both worlds while providing every basic health care need to its clientele. This has very interesting implications for everyone going forward.

How Drew Madden Can Help

If CVS plans to make this pan out, they’re going to need to upgrade how its web presence is handled as well as its access to patient records, medical needs and on-the-spot doctor’s approvals. This is where health care IT executive Drew Madden enters the picture and provides top-notch advise, servicing and strategies to help smaller medical companies like CVS survive the struggle against Amazon.

Madison Street Capital has Stellar Reputation Thanks to the Management

Financial services play some of the major roles in allowing individuals as well as companies to save their resources through smooth cash flows as well as the consumption of overtime resources. Madison Street Capital has managed to cement its name among leading providers of excellent financial services. With the clear focus of serving a plethora of investment needs across middle markets, the company has earned a relatively stellar reputation. Coupled with unmatched integrity, this company continues to thrive in excellence.


Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that offers a variety of banking services across Chicago and other continents. The company has over the years managed to garner thousands of clients thanks to its reputation and dedication to understand the ins and outs of financial services industries. Moreover, the company has acquired extensive track record in different service delivery scopes including handling complicated contracts, working on viable exit strategies for other companies, matching specific buyers with their sellers and initiating proven to work strategies for the acquisition of various projects in foreign countries. So far, Madison Street Capital has managed to achieve unparalleled results.


Madison Street Capital believes in global expansion. That is why the firm has offices in different geographical locations including Ghana, India, Chicago and Oregon among others. Besides the offices spread across different continents, the company has made it its responsibility to bring their wealth of financial knowledge into practice by encouraging deep relations as well as analytical skills when pursuing critical business matters. In transaction handling especially, Madison has worked hard to foster ethical practice. As such, the firm better qualifies to handle financial reporting, the allocation of prices in different businesses, the management of assets and better yet, financial and business valuation. Well, it is fundamental to note that these are some of the services that most investors require especially from a firm like Madison Street Capital.


Just the other day, Madison Street Capital was a major business advisor and initiator of partnership between DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. DCG is a leading service provider for software analytics while Spitfire Group is well known for employing high-tech devices to serve the management of different businesses. The partnership was based on the basis of the firms being able to complement each other in terms of the variety of services provided. As such, Madison Street Capital and in return, gave a positive feedback regarding the viability of the business.


An additional success story for Madison Street Capital includes bagging several awards due to its success in fostering excellent merger and acquisitions. The annual global awards for mergers and acquisitions are called M&A Advisor Awards and they are conferred to individuals who have registered excellent performance in restructuring and financing businesses.


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Dr. Mark Mofid Has Made A Huge Impact On The Field Of Plastic Surgery Through Safer Procedures

California is the hot spot for plastic surgery, which is one of the reasons Dr. Mark Mofid has made this his base of operations. Mark works in the San Diego area at various different hospitals performing plastic and general surgery. Mark holds some of the highest honors in the industry and is board certified to practice surgery.

The majority of Dr. Mark Mofid’s work is centered in California, but he also takes time to consult with individuals and organizations from around the world to help further their and his own research. Dr. Mark Mofid also has his own practice where he performs pretty much all types of plastic surgery for his clients, including buttock augmentations, facelifts, liposuctions, and breast augmentations. Many people are wary of getting plastic surgery, most especially when it is their first time. This is not only due to some bad press that the plastic surgery field has sustained several times over the years, but surgery is generally a scary thing for people regardless of the reason. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the most renowned and capable plastic surgeons in the country today and has helped thousands of people find new comfortability in their skin over the years.

There has been a growing interest over the years in plastic surgery, mostly for cosmetic reasons, and the general opinions on the practice continue to fluctuate greatly. However, with the costs continuing to go down over time and the safer procedures that are looking more natural every year, more people are starting to consider plastic surgery as an option for improving their confidence. Mark also sets some of the highest standards in the industry because he also sets limits to his surgeries and abides by the highest ethics of his practice. Mark is constantly searching for new ways to improve procedures as well as informing other surgeons to follow the same good practices to improve plastic surgery’s image in the states.

Anti-drone pilot program and 3 Stevie awards all circle around Securus Technologies

If you haven’t heard of Securus Technologies, that’s OK. They are still out there providing reliable communication and technology solutions for law enforcement and corrections facilities and now they have announced that they are teaming up with the Louisiana Department of Corrections to institute an anti-drone program to stop criminals from using drones to get materials into the prisons. Plus, Securus is doing other things to impress the rest of the industry thanks to their leading methods of providing outstanding customer service. Matching this kind of groundbreaking technology with outstanding customer service certainly shows a company on the rise and looking for new ways to innovate when it comes to technology and with the people behind the technology who make the engine run.


If that isn’t enough to impress you, how about the fact that Securus Technologies just won 3 Stevie Awards for their customer service record. The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service is the top-notch award for customer service and the team at Secure came away from the latest awards ceremony with a gold, silver and bronze for their efforts. It’s even more impressive when you consider that there were more than 2,500 nominations for this award from companies of all sizes and across industries.


Using a scoring system that takes into account a variety of customer service metrics across 89 different categories, Securus managed to get the scores that earned them the awards. They won a gold for dealing with customer complaints, a silver for one of their reps who was Customer Service Professional of the Year and a bronze for their front-line customer service team.


It seems Securus is trying to match outstanding technology solutions with equally outstanding customer service standards. The Drone Detection program is something to see and uses a digital antenna to detect drones in and around the prison. If you didn’t know that prisons had to deal with and worry about drones, then you wouldn’t believe what prison official say they have found evidence of. Drugs? Yes. Cellphones? You bet. How about weapons lifted right over the walls and dropped into the prison yards? Yes, that, too.