Josh Smith’s Modular Greenhouse in Good Company With Other Sustainable Technologies

Butterfly wings and spiders have just inspired new technology to aide in climate change and water loss. Studying how these insects can store and collect water has motivated this new idea. This notion is based in New York City, called NexLoop. The general population needs further sustainable ideas. There is a growing demand of climate change, water management, and different energy products needed now.

NexLoop focuses their energy on food shortages by creating a sustainable product. The emphasis is on greenhouses in all different areas, including schools and their communities. One of their products, AquaWeb, attempts to contain and store atmospheric moisture much like that of a spider web. This will show much promise to greenhouses, vertical farms, or container farms. All of these systems need the moisture and don’t have an in ground water system.

The NexLoop prototype was recently awarded a prize for their new technology by the 2017 Biominicry Global Design Challenge. A new hope and vision for the future, ecological production of food.

The increased demand for sustainable greenhouses, has provided Joshua Smith with a great idea for the future of food production. 

Josh Smith, Reno Nevada, is CEO and Founder of Modular Greenhouses. His plans for the future are simple. Expand our food production through sustainable methods and ideas of home-gardening. Children are now more than ever being fed unhealthy junk-food. This leads to obesity, and future issues for children. Josh Smith in Reno, Nevada, would like to change this with his sustainable greenhouses.

Mr. Smith, Reno Nevada, has fifteen years of startup experience. Many of the products he has developed have went to market. Modular Greenhouses are coming to market in several weeks. All of the greenhouses are self sustainable and controlled automatically. You can control temperature and watering all from an application on your mobile devices. These houses have a hinge house design, they can be put virtually anywhere around your yard. They are also extremely temperature resistant. They can withstand a category 4 hurricane, and/or eighty pounds of snowfall. Josh Smith’s Reno, NV-based company has a plan to change the future of greenhouses.

A Review Of The Trabuco And Some Historical Areas Used

A Trabuco is a catapult-like siege weapon that was used during the middle ages. Its operation involved projectile motion. Using the scientific concept of load, fulcrum, and weight, the Trabuco operated under all the scientific principles of a lever. The counterweight when released would throw the projectile attached on the opposite end of the bar at high speed.

The Trabuco was also used to demolish stone walls. In some instants, the Trabuco was used during wars around the Mediterranean countries and would through projectiles of 140 kilos to the enemies at a distance of around 800 meters away at high speed.


The bigger version of the Trabuco was operated by 40 to 45 men because it involved using large projectiles keeping in mind that the counterweight is supposed to be 100 to 133 times the projectile weight. However, smaller portable ones also existed which could be operated by two people one to control the counterweight and the other to feed the projectiles. The advantage of the smaller Trabuco over, the larger one is that the former could throw more missiles in a short time.

In history, the Trabuco demolished enemy territories depending on their number and projectile weight used. In China, Mongols used Trabucos to destroy the cities of Fangcheng and Xiangyang in 1268 according to Another Trabuco attack was in 1147 during the attack on Lisbon. Two Trabucos were used and launched a stone in every fifteen seconds. Trabuco was also used on corpses as projectiles to infect the opponents in war. In 1249, twenty-four Trabucos were used by Louis IX of France to attack Damietta. To attack Acre in 1191, Richard the lionheart used two Trabucos which he had named Bad neighbor and God’s own catapult. A huge Trabuco called the Warwolf was made to launch the attack on Stirling Castle in 1304 according to Edward Longshanks had ordered his engineers to make one. Between 175 and 1480, they were used to attack Burgos and Rhodes. The attack of Aztec in 1521 is believed to be the last use of Trabuco when the military ran out of gunpowder. The invention of the cannon culminated the use of Trabuco.

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Talk Fusion: The Best Is Yet To Come


With Talk Fusion, the best is truly yet to come, which says something considering all they have done so far in the decade they have been around. They always have their eye on the prize and they refuse to settle for second best. They want to be the best and that is why they are the best. They have the awards to back it up, two of them, as a matter of fact, in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation (, which the link describes as a media giant. That is heavy praise, but it just means that it matters when someone wins an award from this particular company. They are incredibly picky, and that is another good thing. It does not mean a whole lot to win an award from any old company. They want to win an award from a company that has some clout and has some moxie.


Talk Fusion loves to bring solutions to people through communication. As a matter of fact, that is a problem that is happening all over the world right now. People are not communicating with each other and since they are not communicating, they are getting their wires crossed and there are a lot of misunderstandings and confusion. Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Because they have all of this, there is really no way for miscommunication to happen.


When people communicate, that is how solutions are born and that is how things get solved in the long run. People come out and they say what is on their mind in a polite way. When people understand how others feel and what is going on with them, they have a better chance of being on the same page. When that happens, magic can occur between individuals. So many of the issues in the world would be solved if people knew the proper way to communicate and Talk Fusion is working hard to make that happen. Learn more:

Rick Smith Resurges Prison Communication Using Securus Technologies

Corporations and companies that have survived the turbulent economic forces and stood steadfast have a name behind it. Among the many that have helped Securus Technologies have a position among service providers of prison technology is Richard Smith. He is commonly known as Rick Smith in the corporate world and is a backbone of Securus Technologies.

Under, Rick Smith’s watch, the company has grown in stature and become dominant to attain a sizeable market share. Apparently, Securus Technologies has been approved to operate in Canada and across the United States. Over 2600 correctional facilities are already in use of this prison technology products; 400 centers are in Canada while 2200 are in the United States.

Securus Tehnologies have outstanding functional line of products that make prison management and intimate communication safe. It has an excellent Cell Defender Technology which that restricts connect of mobile phones that are not registered. It was made in collaboration between Haris Corporation and Securus Technologies. Closer to this product is Wireless Containment Solution that is cable-less and an ultra-modern invention. Ultimately, is the Managed Access Solution which stores call records, maintain confidentiality yet at the same time aid correctional centers’ investigation and assure safety.

Rick Smith has continued in the premiering vision of Securus Technologies since it was established in 1989. Other than the enterprise development and growth facet, Rick Smith has allowed for innovation and invention aiding smart tech products. It communication system has made communication possible between inmates and their friends and family.

As recently reported, Rick Smith often receives emails and letters of positive feedback. Customers express their satisfaction in use of these products. It has facilitated investigation which has lead to arrest of culprits and their accomplices. Management has also share in the benefit, Securus Technologies has helped them better manage the prison and correctional facilities’ environment including assuring of security externally and internally.

About Rick Smith

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies and is the chief administrator overseeing all activities of the company. Mr. Smith took over in 2014 from his predecessor, Richard Falcone. Rick Smith has worked for the company for years providing services of top notch qualities and with uniformity. He is positive about correction, and take positive criticism to the advantage of the company and hence aid improvement where rare flaws occur.

Rick Smith studies engineering at University of New York, Buffalo and later advanced at Rochester University where he attained a Masters Degree. Previously, he has worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc in the capacity of a Chief Operating Officer. He has since then resigned but is a board member. Intergra Telecom also enjoys his wisdom and expertise since he is also an executive member in the governing committee.


Waiakea Water Company’s Success Story

The founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Ryan Emmons has created a product with exceptional health benefits, a product that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and with packaging that gives back to communities in need.

As a young water company, Waiakea has seen immense success. In three years, the water company has grown by 5000%. The success of this water company is attributed to the strong trust that customers have placed in the water company.

The natural sources that the company uses as a source of its water makes Waiakea water undeniably delicious. The water contents include Magnesium and Calcium. Additionally, Waiakea water boasts of large amounts of silica. Silica has numerous neurological health benefits.


The Waiakea water bottle is 100% recyclable. It uses the additive time past, a patented additive for the nano-degradable of plastic. It is claimed that timeplast reduces the plastics lifespan to 15 years down from 1500 years. Waiakea water company will be the first to adopt this technology.

Ryan Emmons, the CEO knew of no better way to improve the quality of the water. He decided to undertake the other best thing and changed the water bottle. Right from the beginning, the company used water bottles that were made of post-recycled bottles.

The improved water bottle is a new undertaking for the company. Their drive to create a fully degradable water bottle is to ensure that the future generations enjoy the natural resources of the planet.

The water company is working hard to ensure that people do not have to go without the most basic human need and on the other hand that the future generations enjoy natural resources. The success of the water company is achieved through three different aspects of the bottle.

Firstly, the company has always offered customers with premium drinking water. Secondly, Waiakea gives back to the local and worldwide company with a desperate need for pure drinking water. Lastly, the company is looking for ways to minimize their ecological footprint by adopting a degradable water bottle.

In recent times, the company has been identified as one of the fastest growing companies in America. The company’s mission is vivid and involves producing healthy natural water while meeting the needs of the communities all over the world.

Avi Weisfogel Offers Quality Sleep Solutions Through Dental Practices

The busy individual may overlook the effects that a lack of restful sleep can have on their professional lives. An even more surprising factor in sleep deprivation is how one’s oral health can directly impact the hours of quality sleep experience at night. Dental professional Avi Weisfogel detected a trend early on between dentistry and getting relief from sleep apnea and other disorders. Weisfogel used this experience and knowledge to create Dental Sleep Masters.

Started in 2014, the Dental Sleep Masters program uses Avi Weisfogel’s expertise on treating sleep disorders by educating professionals on how to properly diagnose patients and provide the needed devices and applications. Weisfogel has used this platform to reach numerous dentists around the world and his program currently helps hundreds of patients each month. His success can be attributed by teaching practices that treat each patient individually and finding personalized solutions.

Inspiration for Dental Sleep Masters came from the time Avi Weisfogel spent with Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, another program that he founded. The program’s mission was to bring dental professionals and sleep experts together to discuss the relationship between the two fields and formulate solutions. Weisfogel used Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients to design the most practical business models for treating sleep disorders and help experts to conduct lab studies.

Prior to his success through the Dental Sleep Masters program, Avi Weisfogel established a solid reputation for himself through his career as a dental health professional. Weisfogel began his higher education at Rutgers University where he graduated with a BA in psychology and biology. He continued education at the College of Dentistry at New York University and earned a DDS. Shortly after, Avi Weisfogel created a dental practice in 1999 and served his local community for over a decade.

Weisfogel’s dedication to treating sleep disorders through dentistry stems from his career at his dental practice. He was quick to recognize the recurring patterns of patients complaining of sleep deprivation and their oral health. The research into the various issues encouraged Avi Weisfogel to focus his efforts on specifically treating sleep disorders through the education of other dental professionals and patients.

How Roberto Santiago Started Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago has always been an entrepreneur. He knows the right way to handle business, and he continues to show people what he can do with a company. When he was first getting started, he knew he would have to make some changes if he was going to make the mall the best it could be. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to try his best to show people what he was doing. He also wanted them to know he was going to make things better for them even though the area he was in was not the best. Manaira needed a boost, and Roberto Santiago felt he could be the one who would provide that to the people of the territory. Since Roberto Santiago had worked in business before, he knew how to start the mall and what it needed.


When Roberto Santiago was first coming up with the ideas for the mall, he knew he had to do something different. His original plan included a basic mall with some different shopping options. He wanted everyone to have a reason to visit the mall. From tourists to locals and everyone in between, Roberto Santiago did what he could to cater to their needs. There were shopping options available to people who needed everything. The mall became a center for activity and that helped make it a hub where people could come together and enjoy different things while they were shopping.


One thing Roberto Santiago did was make the mall expandable. He built it on land that was different from most other locations. Because of this, he knew he would be able to continue to expand Manaira. He wanted people to have a chance to enjoy the different things he had to offer. He also wanted them to know they would need to make all the right choices for the mall if they were going to shop there. Since he could expand it, he has continued to do so which has made the mall increasingly better. Perhaps one of the biggest things he expanded on was the entertainment. He did something nobody had ever done in Brazil before and put an expo center on the roof.


Now that many people are doing online shopping, Roberto Santiago is trying to keep his mall relevant. He knows he will be able to do so if he continues to expand. For that reason, he is creating lodging that’s attached to the mall. He wants to provide convenience for all the people who come to the mall. The hotel will allow them to spend more time shopping and exploring everything he has to offer through the Manaira Mall and the related experiences.


The Wonderfully Impressive Work History of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos has created for himself an impressive work history and continues to grow a commendable career. His career was on the rise when he became the Amway’s Corporation’s chief operations officer in 1974.


The position pushed his skills to its limits when Dick handled various responsibilities in multiple divisions in the company. He handled various roles in the manufacturing, finance and research development for Amway.


His responsibilities also included the leadership of numerous expanded markets in the business’ operations. Under his management, Amway was able to triple its foreign sales to dramatic heights.


Orlando Magic Acquisition


When the DeVos family transferred the ownership of Orlando Magic to the children, Dick DeVos received part ownership of its assets. Devos was quoted to be outstanding in his devotion to making sure that Orlando Magic achieved its highest potentials.


Dick made sure that he can make the toughest decisions for the team without losing the good and compassionate values that the team has inculcated over the years. Dick is known to be able to honorably run the operations of Orlando Magic with his tough but justifiably fair management style.


Alticor Operations


DeVos was also able to provide the great contribution to the growth of Alticor, too, when he rejoined Amway in 2000. Alticor is just the restructured Amway that was able to expand across countries with the help of Dick Devos’ leadership.


The firm was able to grow for more than 50 nations because of Dick Devos’ help, and his exceptional style of leadership was also able to increase its profit even with the dramatic downsizing that the company needed to do for its growth.


When Devos retired from the presidency at Alticor in 2002, he reportedly made sales of around $4.5 billion mainly through the assistance of remarkable sales people who are best at improving growth even if the company just paid them as part-time employees.


Political Work


Dick Devos also showed considerable passion for public service, which is why he became the Republican nominee for governor in Michigan last 2006 election. His passion in politics was more devoted to making sure that the economy is initiated with enough catalyst to create productive jobs for everyone. He was also an advocate for tax cuts and regulations that give way to making sure that primary and secondary education get their needed support.


With Dick Devos’ political passions, it’s easy to see how he was able to maintain a respectable reputation in both his corporate and personal affairs.


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Elizabeth Warren Benefits From End Citizens United Endorsement

The End Citizens United PAC has grown up from its roots as a small movement begun during the build-up to the 2016 Presidential elections to become one of the top grassroots campaigns for political change in the U.S. The growth of End Citizens United comes amid a growing group of U.S. voters concerned about the issues facing the people of the nation as the growing number of billionaire financial donors to political parties and individual candidates has become a concern in the wake of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Tiffany Muller, the President, and CEO of End Citizens United points to the fact the PAC took in an amazing $4 million in donations across the first three months of 2017 as proof the political tide is turning against the so-called donor class who many feel have too much influence over the future of the U.S.


At the outset of the grassroots campaign to produce a better quality of life for the people of the U.S., End Citizens United decided the Democratic Party had candidates and existing politicians friendlier to the cause of bringing an end to the Citizens United decision than those on the Republican side of Congress; the latest candidate to be given the support of End Citizens United is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has maintained a consistent position in opposition to the Citizens United decision. Tiffany Muller explained the endorsement of Senator Warren for the 2018 midterm elections was based on the 2012 decision by Warren to create the People’s Pledge plan that required candidates in Massachusetts candidates to donate half the cost of all TV ad’s to charities. Elizabeth Warren herself has maintained a consistent position throughout her time in Washington over the growing influence of wealthy political donors she feels are threatening the democracy of the U.S.


The $4 million in donations received by End Citizens United is all the more impressive when one realizes the group operates as a traditional PAC, meaning the End Citizens United group can only accept a maximum donation from an individual of $5,000. The average donation received by End Citizens United has been reported to have risen to $14 as an ambitious goal of raising $35 million by the time of the 2018 midterm elections has been set by the group as being within reach. The 2018 Massachusetts midterm elections featuring Elizabeth Warren will see the donors and members of End Citizens United mobilized in support of the candidate chosen as being the best option for furthering the cause of bringing an end to the unfair donations provided by wealthy donors. In Massachusetts alone, End Citizens United are contacting their 100,000 members to provide support for Senator Elizabeth Warren as she attempts to aid the cause of bringing an end to the Citizens United decision.

Sawyer Howitt On What It Takes To Be A Professional

Becoming a professional racquetball player is commendable goal that gives someone pride and satisfaction. Racquetball is one of the few sports where one can become a professional if they dedicate energy and time into enhancing their physical fitness. The benefits of becoming a professional are evident both on and off the court.

One of the factors that causes players to fail in their goal of gaining professional status is lack of planning. The first question any player should ask herself is what their reasons are for striving to become a professional. There are several issues that motivate players to become professionals. Some people are just intrinsically motivated and want that feeling of accomplishment and self fulfillment. Other individuals desire to become professionals for financial reasons. Whatever reason one chooses for become a professional they should have a plan on how they will achieve professional status. Next players should conduct enough research about the sport.

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They should know what equipment they need and whether they are any training facilities near their area. Next a prospective or amateur player should find a coach who will assist them in taking their game to the next level. A good coach will create a workout plan that is suitable to your physical characteristics. Now comes the hard part, practice. A player should execute their workout plan regularly. Start by mastering the fundamentals before moving onto other more complex maneuvers. While practicing and playing market yourself so that you can find sponsors. A sponsor will enable you to buy equipment and pay for quality coaching.

Sawyer Howitt is an athlete cum entrepreneur who has been an active racquetball player from childhood. He has worked for companies such as KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout.

Sawyer Howitt uses his unique business knowledge on the court. His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to become a professional player officially recognized by the US Racquetball Association.

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