New York-Based Famous Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is an NYC-based famous executive recruiter who is well-known for her skills like management and talent acquisition. She works as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. The nature of Zuckerberg’s job gives her the opportunities to work with leading business figures in the area of Greater New York. They hire Zuckerberg for providing recruitment strategies and process improvement. Many companies choose her to negotiate key job offers for them. Julie Zuckerberg also counsels executive committees and leadership, and she coaches recruitment teams. She used to work as Talent Acquisition at Executive Recruiter Company. Her responsibilities there included dealing with contract governance and maintaining business relationships. During a career of fifteen years, Julie showed outstanding performance. Before Julie Zuckerberg joined Deutsche Bank, she worked as Senior Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance. There her responsibilities included analyzing customer requirement and managing recruitment process with the management.


Julie Zuckerberg was the Executive Recruiter and Vice President for six years at Citibank before she joined the New York Life Insurance. Zuckerberg’s responsibilities at the company were huge and many. She was responsible for global talent sourcing, provide advice for recruitment strategies, and negotiate top level and complex job offers. Before joining the Citibank, she was working as Candidate Placement Director at Hudson. There she was responsible for the recruitment of wide range of staff like attorneys, paralegals, support staff, and case managers. Besides all this, many financial institutions, corporations, and legal firms hire Julie Zuckerberg for recruiting people on a temporary basis. Something which she is really good at is coaching and counseling employees and leading conflict resolution. Zuckerberg’s colleague believes that her work ethics and academic background has a strong role in a successful career.


Julie Zuckerberg was interested in studying Philosophy in the beginning. She was a student at New York Brooklyn College of City University when she changed her mind and became interested in law. She then took admission in New York Law School. It is how she landed in the field of talent acquisition. Luckily, she met some great teachers and awesome mentors. They were the ones who developed her into an amazing professional. They motivated and inspired her to work hard and smart. She gained a lot from them these people who increased her skill set. In today’s world of corporate business, Julie Zuckerberg is an unmatched recruiting professional. Professionals say that Julie Zuckerberg is second to none when it comes to team leadership, sourcing, management & acquisition, coaching, employee training, conflict resolution, and human resources. Julie Zuckerberg is very keen on using technology to improve business efficiency in this era of competition.


Although Julie Zuckerberg is a very busy professional, she manages time for her leisure. Her native city, New York, is famous for its vibrant culture that is interesting for both locals and tourists. Some people believe that Zuckerberg comes up with new ideas at work due to the way she enjoys her personal life. As a human being, Zuckerberg is very sensitive and advocates voice for the rights of underprivileged people and animals.



The Quincy; Shootings in New Brunswick, NJ

The Quincy is an apartment located in New Brunswick, NJ. The compound is found near the Raritan River. There have been some incidences in this complex making it insecure for people dwelling there. The incidences that have happened in the Quincy which is found at Liberty Street are crimes such as theft and shooting incidences. As a result, many residents have been injured because of weapon possession. It is a sad picture of the inhabitants of this apartment. Here I am giving the account of some of the incidences that have occurred here.


The incident left one person injured at the Brunswick Apartments. Because of the crimes that have occurred here, police have declared it a hotspot for crime. The shooting was carried out by one gangster. At that time, four shots rent the air. Afterward, one person was left injured whereby he was rushed to the hospital. The person who took the responsibility of taking the casualty to the hospital happened to be the suspect.


There was also another incident that occurred on May 7, 2013, and it involved a pizza delivery man. The shooting happened when the man was going on with his job of pizza delivery. When the man entered the residence, he was told by the residents that no one had ordered pizza. At the time of going back to the car, he met shooters waiting for him. The gangsters robbed the man of his pizza and drove away after shooting him. Later, police contacted information and linked an ordinary street person to the crime after getting cellphone information. The man was arrested where he was charged with obstruction of justice, robbery, and passion of a weapon unlawfully. There was also a wounded person who sought medical services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and was connected to the shooting.


Apart from the above shooting incidents, other events have also occurred. Some of the famous shootings happened because of quarrels arising from domestic issues. There was a shooting that left two people in critical conditions around the New Brunswick City. The apartment has insecurity because it is believed that there are many armed people. Police reported that such cases are common in this apartment and some women are thought to order pizzas just to set those people on the trap.